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The venerable FUSO Canter truck (it’s been around since 1963) is finally making its way from Japan to Europe. It even rocks a whole range of new features, from a change of look and upgraded comfort, to advanced safety technology.

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FUSO Canter TruckFUSO Canter TruckFUSO Canter TruckFUSO Canter TruckFUSO Canter Truck
Daimler Trucks announced that the famous truck made by its subsidiary, FUSO, will be available in Europe, with new features. The new light-duty truck will still be available in five weight classes (3.5 to 8.55 tons), six wheelbases (2,500 mm to 4,750 mm) (98.4″-187″), three cabin variants and three engine output versions (between 130 and 175 HP). But the 3.5-ton Canter with an S cabin will now also be available in right-hand drive markets, and 3S models will benefit from a new 3,400 mm (133.9″) wheelbase.

The new Canter was redesigned with the driver in mind. It promises a comfortable, spacious cabin, with low entry height, easy cross-cab access and improved visibility. It’s even quieter, due to upgraded noise insulation. If we’re talking about the exterior, the redesigned front part is supposed to be inspired by FUSO’s Black Belt design identity. It will probably become easily recognizable on the European streets, once it hits the market.

The previous Canter was already equipped with advanced safety features, like the Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS), Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS).

In addition to these, the new light-duty truck will feature the Sideguard Assist system. As its name suggests, this innovative technology detects road users on the passenger side of the truck, which are at a higher risk of becoming victims in potential incidents. The advanced radar sensors are able to detect them, and the system emits an alert in case it identifies a risk of collision when the truck driver steers towards the passenger side.

Besides these tech features, the new Canter also comes with LED headlights that are designed for 30% better visibility, and a reinforced rear underrun protection.

The FUSO Canter truck has now been available across Europe since the beginning of August, and European production is set to begin in December 2021, at the Tramagal plant in Portugal.

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