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A SKINCARE whizz has revealed the common habits she will never to do her skin – and it’s bad news if your routine involves countless of different products.

Skincare – some like to keep it simple, others follow a dedicated nine-step routine every night without a fail, and one expert, Cia Eclectica, belongs to the first group.

Having worked in the industry for most of her 20s, Cia has learnt a few things


Having worked in the industry for most of her 20s, Cia has learnt a few thingsCredit: Tiktok/@cia_eclectica

Although the beauty industry is full of numerous skincare Dos most of us will deem as musts, there are a few things the professional will never do to her skin.

Care about ageing

With expensive Botox treatments and serums for tackling the appearance of fine lines, the anti-ageing industry is set to be worth close to £100 billion by the year of 2030.

But although for many remaining a youthful appearance is a goal they strive for no matter what, Cia is definitely not amongst them.

”Having seen the anti-ageing industry from behind the scenes, I don’t want anything to have to do with it.

She explained in the video: ”I think it’s full of fearmongering and lies and manipulation.

”I want to use products that will support my skin at, like, different stages in my life but I am not interested in looking younger.

”I just want to look like me.”

Too many products

”Some people can use a million-step routine and have a wonderful, glowing skin, but a lot of people can’t.

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”Their skin gets overloaded by all the different ingredients that are being used in it.”

Another common habit is using different products and ingredients on different days throughout the week – this, according to her, can cause irritation for some.

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”For me at least, my super simple routine of serum, moisturiser, sunscreen – my skin’s never looked better.”

Sun protection

Summer is now in full force and many of us have already incorporated SPF back into our routines.

But according to experts, such as Cia, this is an important step to never skip on any day, whether it’s sunny or not.

”It is the best thing you can do for your skin and the most important product that skincare companies create.”

Harsh products

Those who have an oilier skin type or are prone to spots often find themselves reaching for harsh products – but according to Cia, this is a no-no.

”99 times out of a hundred, your skin actually needs gentle TLC, rather than, like, a toner that’s just gonna strip everything off it.”

She explained that having been layered with layers of harsh products, your skin will, in fact, try to protect itself by creating more oil, leading to breakouts and painful spots.

Overconsuming products

”You do not need a million products on your shelf to choose from each time you go to do your skincare routine.

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”You should have a simple, consistent routine that consists of a few products that you can use to meet your skin’s needs in as few steps as possible.”

Not only is overconsuming products bad for your skin, but also, she pointed out, not environmentally-friendly and will also leave you with a hole in your bank account.

According to the whizz, using sun protection is a must and the best thing you can do for your skin


According to the whizz, using sun protection is a must and the best thing you can do for your skinCredit: Tiktok/@cia_eclectica
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