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Talking to the report published in the 2021 Bloomberg Innovation Index, Poland happens to be the world’s 23rd most innovative economy, which is ahead of Iceland, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. Also important to note that only Poland managed to escape Europe’s recession during the major 2008 global recession phase. Today the economy of Poland is about 25% larger than it used to be before the financial crisis. Whereas the economy of Europe grew just by 0.7%. Now, what does this signify for the labor market? And for the companies, who are considering Poland as their next top destination for their IT Company? This article highlights the IT Recruitment Poland in 2022,the techsalary trends, and some major facts related to this industry.

The source behind the market growth in IT Recruitment Poland and salary trends

The innovation and strength behind the growth of Poland into a major IT market have eventually resulted in competition among the top professionals working in this sector. And for companies competing to hire this talent, it is necessary to get a proper idea of where the IT companies are inaugurating their hubs. The top business destinations of this time are:

  • The largest and capital city of Poland- Warsaw
  • The second largest city in Poland- Krakow
  • The largest city in West Poland- Wroclaw
  • Lodz
  • Rzeszow
  • Katowice
  • Poznan
  • Tricity
  • Lublin

Common Salary trends and challenges faced during IT recruitment Poland

The names of the cities mentioned above are the most popular destination among employers for several reasons.

  • Infrastructure and Location- The first and most important thing here is the location of these cities and their infrastructure. The two factors have helped the cities to let businesses open up to connect easily with the other half of the world.
  • Higher and better ROI or Return On Investment rate as compared to the other countries of Europe.
  • Ample qualified and skilled talent.

Poland’s fast developing economy and its sprawling IT sector are responsible for bringing in many benefits to the country. Including growth revenue, significant innovation, and more. But, there are challenges everywhere that you need to overcome to run the company successfully. And this especially applies to the talent acquisition market. Every company on Earth is in search of the best talent that can help the company grow. This has transformed the present-day labor market into candidate-driven than employer-driven. For IT Recruitment, the salary trends in Poland and work condition are two important factors when hiring talent.

Applicants today have a thorough idea about their worth and the salary that other competitors you have are offering. This lets them choose a job or career as per their choice. While the web developer and software engineer roles remain in demand, the Computer and electrical engineering region offer a big untapped genesis of skilled professionals. So, it is necessary to work according to the technology partners in the area you are hiring to place yourself very strategically and attract the best talent.

Top Tips for IT Recruitment Poland

Recruiters who have spent many years on IT recruitment Poland, as well as consulting with the IT organizations in this field, have said that companies looking for talent for specific roles must strategize around carefully. They must make sure to touch on the following factors at the time of engaging the potential programmer or developer candidates:

  • The technology stack and salary range.
  • Employment types being offered like Contract, Employment contract, and Business to business. It has been observed that due to certain tax reasons, a lot of software developers try and seek various B2 opportunities.
  • The provisions of working virtually or remotely.

Beyond the demands and career aspirations of the tech professionals engaged in this field, what are the things that employees must do to inspire and engage the talent successfully and finally hire them for work in Poland?

Three components come into play as per the research on IT Recruitment Poland in 2022: Tech Salary Trends. These are as follow:


A company must be very flexible in considering the seniority of the applicant you wish to have onboard. At very first glance, you may not be able to find a lot of senior professionals. But talking of the IT market in Poland, it provides a significant number of young talents possessing about 1 year to 2 years of experience who also wish to learn more and develop in this profession. Qualifications and hard skills are a must. But to break through this competition, a company must consider a lot more than just a year of experience or last job title.

Well-Informed and Competitive offers

Employers must be ready with a lot of competitive offers. Mostly when it comes to base salary as per the prevailing market range. The ability of the candidate to proceed further to a higher position. Also, projects available, possibility of carrying out work remotely and potential of using the present day technology.

Compensation is very important

Candidates are well aware that skills they possess in cloud technologies are very much in demand and expect compensation that will keep pace with the same. This is why in 2021, professionals with cloud technology competency were expected to enjoy a salary hike due to sudden demand growth. Since then, there has been no looking back. It has been one year, and their salaries show a significant hike of 3% in a month as per the Central Statistical Office of Poland.

Salary Trend in Poland of IT sector-2022

Talking of the tech salary trends in Poland 2022, the salaries in the Information Technology sector will see a good rise.

  • Ruby experts can expect a hike of up to 34%
  • Kotlin experts can expect a hike of up to 26%
  • Swift  experts can expect a hike of up to 23%
  • JavaScript experts can expect a hike of up to 21%
  • Java  experts can expect a hike of up to 15%
  • TypeScript experts can expect a hike of up to 22%
  • PHP  experts can expect a hike of up to 15%

Present day salary figure in the IT sector of Poland in 2022 for 5 selected technologies is as below:

  • Ruby-PLN 21,600*
  • Kotlin-PLN 23,130*
  • TypeScript- PLN 22,116
  • Scala- PLN 23,358
  • Golang-PLN 22,620

Final Say

The IT market of Poland is definitely one of the most essential and strongest sectors of the world economy. Researchers suggest that it is going to grow higher and stronger in the coming years. So if you are willing to take a career in Information technology, Poland is worth a try.

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