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[Updated: October 01, 2021] EDIT Stock Decline

The stock price of Editas plunged 19% in yesterday’s trading session after the company shared interim data for its EDIT 101 – a CRISPR-based treatment for Leber congenital amaurosis. The data showed that out of three doses tested, two patients did not see a significant improvement in a test of functional sight, while the other patient showed some improvement. While this data is not overwhelming, there is more data that is due to be released over the coming months. For instance, currently the company is enrolling patients for high dose as well as for a pediatric group. [1] But now that the stock has seen a large drop in just a day, while it is down 28% in a week, will it continue its downward trajectory or is a rise in EDIT stock imminent?

According to the Trefis Machine Learning Engine, which identifies trends in the company’s stock price using six years of historical data, returns for EDIT stock average around 26% in the next one-month (twenty-one trading days) period after experiencing a 28% drop over the previous week (five trading days) implying that the stock will likely rebound in the near term. Overall, it is too early to take a call on EDIT-101, with just the initial set of data. The drug is estimated to have a peak sales north of $1 billion and it appears that selling is now overdone. But how would the returns fare if you are interested in holding EDIT stock for a shorter or a longer time period? You can test the answer and many other combinations on the Trefis Machine Learning Engine to test Editas stock price forecast. You can test the chance of recovery over different time intervals of a quarter, month, or even just 1 day!

While EDIT stock may rise around 26% over the next month, based on its historical performance, if you are considering EDIT stock as an investment over a longer time frame, you can explore our forecast for Editas valuation of $71 per share, implying a 22% premium from the current levels of around $42.

MACHINE LEARNING ENGINE – try it yourself:

If EDIT stock moved by -5% over five trading days, then over the next twenty-one trading days EDIT stock moves an average of 2.4%, with a 48% probability of a positive return over this period, based on the stock’s historical performance.

Some Fun Scenarios, FAQs & Making Sense of Editas Stock Movements:

Question 1: Is the price forecast for Editas stock higher after a drop?


Answer: Consider two situations,

Case 1: Editas stock drops by -5% or more in a week

Case 2: Editas stock rises by 5% or more in a week

Is the price forecast for Editas stock higher over the subsequent month after Case 1 or Case 2?

EDIT stock fares better after Case 2, with an expected return of 1.7% over the next month (21 trading days) under Case 1 (where the stock has just suffered a 5% loss over the previous week), versus, an expected return of 3.6% for Case 2. This implies a price forecast of $43 in Case 1 and a figure of $44 in Case 2 using EDIT market price of $42.50 on 9/30/2021.

In comparison, the S&P 500 has an expected return of 3.1% over the next 21 trading days under Case 1, and an expected return of just 0.5% for Case 2 as detailed in our dashboard that details the expected return for the S&P 500 after a rise or drop.

Try the Trefis machine learning engine above to see for yourself how the forecast for Editas stock is likely to changes after any specific gain or loss over a period.

Question 2: Does patience pay?

Answer: If you buy and hold Editas stock, the expectation is over time the near-term fluctuations will cancel out, and the long-term positive trend will favor you – at least if the company is otherwise strong.

Overall, according to data and Trefis machine learning engine’s calculations, patience absolutely pays for most stocks!

For EDIT stock, the returns over the next N days after a -5% change over the last five trading days is detailed in the table below, along with the returns for the S&P500:

You can try the engine to see what this table looks like for Editas after a larger loss over the last week, month, or quarter.

Question 3: What about the stock price forecast after a rise if you wait for a while?

Answer: The expected return after a rise is understandably lower than after a drop as detailed in the previous question. Interestingly, though, if a stock has gained over the last few days, you would do better to avoid short-term bets for most stocks – although EDIT stock appears to be an exception to this general observation.

It’s pretty powerful to test the trend for yourself for Editas stock by changing the inputs in the charts above.

[Updated: Aug 10, 2021] EDIT Stock Rise

The stock price of Editas (NASDAQ: EDIT), a biotechnology company focused on developing treatments using gene editing technology, has seen a rise of over 20% over the last twenty-one trading days, and it is also up a solid 46% over the last ten trading days. The recent rise can be attributed to a wider rally in gene-editing stocks, after Intellia reported positive clinical data supporting precision editing of a disease-causing gene inside the body. This led to a bullish sentiment for multiple gene editing stocks, including Editas. Furthermore, there are reports of Moderna looking to acquire a gene-editing company to widen its portfolio of drugs. [2]

But now that EDIT stock has moved 20% over the last month, will it continue its upward trajectory, or is a fall imminent? Going by historical performance, there is an equal chance of a rise or a fall in EDIT stock over the next month. Out of 201 instances in the last six years that EDIT stock saw a twenty-one day rise of 20% or more, 102 of them resulted in EDIT stock rising over the subsequent one-month period (twenty-one trading days). This historical pattern reflects 102 out of 201, or about 51% chance of a rise in EDIT stock over the coming month. See our analysis on Editas Stock Chances of A Rise for more details.

Although there is an equal chance of a rise or a fall for EDIT based on its historical performance, given the momentum in gene-editing stocks, hopes of an acquisition target, as well as a rise in number of clinical trials, these suggest that EDIT stock may continue to trend higher in the near term.

Calculation of ‘Event Probability‘ and ‘Chance of Rise‘ using last ten years data

  • After moving 40% or more over a five-day period, the stock rose in the next five days on 57% of the occasions.
  • After moving 46% or more over a ten-day period, the stock rose in the next ten days on 64% of the occasions
  • After moving 20% or more over a twenty-one-day period, the stock rose in the next twenty-one days on 51% of the occasions.

Predict average return on Editas Stock Return: AI Predicts EDIT Average and Excess Return After a Fall or Rise

Editas Stock Return (Recent) Comparison With Peers

  • Five-Day Return: EDIT highest at 40%; BLUE lowest at -29%
  • Ten-Day Return: EDIT highest at 46%; BLUE lowest at -31%
  • Twenty-One Days Return: EDIT highest at 20%; BLUE lowest at -41%

Going by historical performance, while EDIT stock can move in either direction, 2020 has created many pricing discontinuities which can offer attractive trading opportunities. For example, you’ll be surprised how counter-intuitive the stock valuation is for Pfizer vs Merck MRK .

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