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As a young professional and licensed esthetician, beauty entrepreneur Jordanna Antonoff knows the importance of taking care of one’s skin. She also is in the know about vital ingredients needed to fight premature aging. While working in the beauty industry, she also created an indie company, Skin Over Everything.
Skin Over Everything got its start in the fourth quarter of 2021 with the launch of a cruelty-free and vegan skincare line. With preventative aging in mind, Skin Over Everything looks to provide people with penetrative ingredients, according to the company.    
“Our goal is to provide you with the kind of skincare treatments that will heal your skin and restore your natural glow,” said Antonoff, who is based in Jersey City, NJ. “By using our products your skin will become healthier, so you can always look your best!”
The four-product line includes plant-based formulas with a blend of superfoods and antioxidants.

New vegan Skin Over Everthing beauty products are available now online.

“Antioxidants and essential skin nutrients enforce proper barrier functionality to help repair and protect skin cells against premature aging,” Antonoff said. “It’s easier to prevent aging skin than to reverse signs once they’ve started.”
The initial collection includes an antioxidant-based Skin Renewal Cleanser, a Glowness Antioxidant Serum, hybrid Barrier Repair Water Cream and a Reishi Rich Cream. All are sold as separate products or a bundled package to cover the basics.

Entrepreneur Jordanna Antonoff

“I have been using skincare products for decades, and as a licensed esthetician, even worked at some skincare companies as an educational director helping consult people on the best products for their skin,” said Antonoff. “The main request I found people have, regardless of age, is they need something to work against environmental damage, but works with their custom daily skincare routine. I formulated my products to be environmentally conscious, but they pack a powerful punch that puts your skin back in line for the healthiest, dreamiest skin one would ever hope for.”
The indie beauty brand’s website also features an ingredient index to help educate consumers on beauty components.

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