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Are you looking to sharpen your coding skills? If so, Humble Bundle has teamed up with the publisher Packt for the All-in-One Python Bundle. This bundle offers your choice of three, eight, or twenty-four books. These books will help you become a better Python programmer whether you want to work on websites, data analysis, or data science.

As with most Humble Bundles, there are suggested prices. However, since this is for charity, you have the option to contribute more. Proceeds from this bundle go to DirectRelief, a nonprofit dedicated to providing medical treatment for those in need.

If you pay $1, you can get the three-item bundle featuring Learn Python Programming, Python Data Analysis, and Django 3 By Example. Although Django 4 came out in December, most of material is still be applicable.

If you upgrade to the eight-item bundle, which is $10, you’ll get Python for Geeks, Financial Trading with Python, Crafting Test-Driven Software with Python, Scientific Computing with Python, and Python Object-Oriented Programming.

Finally, there’s the 24-item bundle, which is $18. This bundle adds books on machine learning, natural language processing, network programming, more Django, computer vision, Pandas, algorithms, and more.

This is a great way to get moving with Python or build on what you already know.

[Today’s deal: All-in-One Python by Packt Book Bundle from Humble Bundle for $18.]
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