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WE all want youthful-looking skin, right?

One grandma has revealed how she keeps her skin looking beautiful and you’ll be shocked to know it has nothing to do with anti-aging creams. 

Gina Stewart is 51-years-old and people are always stunned when she tells them her age


Gina Stewart is 51-years-old and people are always stunned when she tells them her ageCredit: ginastewartofficial / Instagram
Gina swears by using a silk pillowcase for youthful skin


Gina swears by using a silk pillowcase for youthful skinCredit: Instagram

Gina Stewart, a 51-year-old glamour model from Australia, has revealed her very simple, top tip for youthful skin and it’s a lot easier than you might expect.

The Australian woman is dubbed the “world’s hottest gran” and took to Instagram to reveal how she keeps her youthful looks – and you don’t need to splash the cash on expensive creams.

The glam grandmother asked social media users if they had ever heard of “sleep wrinkles” that develop when we’re in bed.

She explained that certain creams and lotions can sometimes work to worsen those dreaded lines and instead suggested using a special pillow to keep your skin looking young and fresh.

I'm a 'fit gran' - I work hard to look good & you're never too old for a bikini
I'm a hot nan & you won't guess my age - youngsters DM me but I like mature men

The model revealed her beauty secrets to her followers, saying: “Who wants youthful skin and a glowing complexion while you sleep?

“Hair and skin beauty tips/tricks and hacks.

“You’ve heard of fine lines and wrinkles, but what about sleep wrinkles?

“These deep set lines form thanks to overnight facial compression as we put pressure on the delicate skin of the face and neck as we sleep.

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“Topical lotions and potions won’t help to alleviate these pesky wrinkles, so what can?”

Gina’s top secret to avoiding wrinkles – a silk pillowcase.

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She continued: “Have you ever thought of trying a pillowcase skin care?

“Making the switch to a silk pillowcase will help to support your nightly skincare routine.

“Silk’s naturally soft fibres are hypoallergenic, moisture wicking and allow skin and hair to glide smoothly across.

“Less breakouts, less redness and irritation and stronger, tangle free hair – need we say more?!

“I sleep on a silk pillowcase every night, and I can no longer put my face or hair onto rough material.

“Silk is also antimicrobial.

“Silk is often used for biomedical applications for its ability to kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

“This means that your pillowcases are not going to be transferring bacteria onto your face more than say, cotton.

“Also, if you have acne or sensitive skin, the silk pillowcases, with silk’s no friction are going to cause less inflammation.”

Beauty fans are clearly impressed with Gina’s tips, as her Instagram post has racked up hundreds of likes. 

Many people have thanked her for the simple but effective advice, with many social media users praising her youthful looks. 

One person said: “You look absolutely beautiful.”

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Another added: “Always beautiful.”

A third commented: “An absolute natural beauty. Absolutely gorgeous. Stunning. Wow.”

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