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SLUGGING is a popular beauty practice said to give you healthier, younger-looking skin.

Beauty guru Abbey Yung has shared how she incorporates this anti-aging method into her skincare routine.

A beauty guru has shared how to do the slugging method


A beauty guru has shared how to do the slugging methodCredit: TikTok/abbeyyung
It's her "best kept" skincare secret that will help with anti-aging


It’s her “best kept” skincare secret that will help with anti-agingCredit: TikTok/abbeyyung

In a TikTok video uploaded to her 654k followers, Yung demonstrated the slugging method.

You’re going to take a super thick ointment of your choice and apply it around your eyes.

The eye area is very prone to pre-mature fine lines, so slugging is especially beneficial in this case.

It’s also said to be the best way to lock in moisture.

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Yung highlighted Cerave as her favorite product for slugging, the ointment only retailing for $8 at Walmart.

The beauty expert uses the slugging method every night, applying it an hour before bed so it’s not super fresh and doesn’t get all over her pillows.

“A little goes a long way! You don’t need to glob it on – I just wanted to make sure it showed up on camera for that first shot!” Yung explained to viewers.

Some people shared their experiences with slugging in the comments section of Yung’s video.

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“I’ve done this with Vaseline and also vitamin E oil for years. The E oil really helps with eye bags and redness,” wrote one person.

“My mom has been doing this her whole adult life and is 62 with ZERO lines!” a second exclaimed.

“Love doing this.”

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“53, not one wrinkle. I have done this since I was young.”

“A little dab will do ya! I would put a small amount on my finger and gently pat it at the bottom of your eye area because it travels,” a final person chimed in.

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