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WHEN it comes to anti-aging, solving acne, and other skincare goals, there’s no better miracle worker than vitamin A.

One beloved vitamin A product is highly effective at delivering fast results, and you don’t need to visit your dermatologist to take advantage of the skincare staple.

Skincare experts said a popular prescription treatment is available more cheaply online


Skincare experts said a popular prescription treatment is available more cheaply onlineCredit: Getty

According to the Daily Beast, online services are the most convenient way to get ahold of a skincare product that does it all: tretinoin.

A retinoid, tretinoin is derived from vitamin A, so the chemical compounds within it have lots of uses.

If you’re trying to prevent fine lines, erase acne, or fade hyperpigmentation, tretinoin is a great fit for you.

“Prescription-strength tretinoin is the most potent form of vitamin A derivatives, and therefore typically delivers the quickest results,” the experts at Daily Beast wrote.

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“While it was originally formulated to treat acne, patients and dermatologists quickly noticed that the prescription formula offered a laundry list of off-label skin-enhancing ‘side effects,'” the experts added.

Because it can combat so many different concerns, tretinoin is highly sought-after, but you’ll need a prescription-strength formula to make a real difference.

For a long time, the only way to secure a tretinoin prescription was to visit your dermatologist. Even if your insurance covered the visit, you’d have to make sure the product itself was covered, too.

Now, though, you can buy tretinoin safely without the hassle of an office visit.

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“You’ll be pleased to know that there is now plenty of legal and legitimate online dermatologist-back telehealth services that allow you to be assessed remotely by a dermatologist and potentially obtain a script for tretinoin,” the experts wrote.

The services usually involve an online consultation with a dermatologist, who will assess your skin needs and try to predict any potential negative side effects of the medication.

Tretinoin is used for a variety of skincare concerns, from acne to anti-aging


Tretinoin is used for a variety of skincare concerns, from acne to anti-agingCredit: NURX

Once you have a prescription, you can usually start using your prescription skincare treatment within days – much faster than if you sit on the wait list for a traditional dermatology practice.

For example, the experts said, if you request a prescription through online provider Wisp, “orders are processed within 24 hours of approval – even on the weekends.”

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Other online health companies, like Nurx, Ro Derm, and Curology, sell a wide variety of beauty products, from Latisse eyelash serum to SPFs and cleansers.

With prices starting at $20, online prescription services are a great way to save money while keeping your skin looking great – and don’t forget that many online practitioners accept insurance, too.

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