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BETWEEN stocking up on skincare serums and endless trips to the dermatologist, achieving radiant, healthy skin can cost a fortune.

One doctor weighed in on the newest DIY skin hack and why it should be incorporated into your routine.

Keeping up with skincare trends can put a dent in the bank


Keeping up with skincare trends can put a dent in the bankCredit: Getty

Triple-boarded dermatologist Mamina Turegano (@dr.mamina) is an integrative specialist who strives to “heal without prescriptions.”

The New Orleans-based doctor and content creator stitched a video from director Joe Moody (@joemoody).

“The doctors and advertisers and influencers will not tell you about this way to keep your face looking young,” he shared, tapping his face with his fingers.

“There’s no cream to sell, there’s no pill to take, there’s no surgery to schedule,” he said.

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“This is just pure magic and free,” he shared.

This free hack is as simple as it sounds. All it takes is gentle and quick taps on problem areas of the face — like the temples, mouth, and forehead.

Dr. Mamina stitched the video, saying: “I love sharing information on free or cheap ways to take care of your skin and your health.”

The skincare expert added, “This tapping technique has been shown to decrease stress.”

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According to the National Library of Medicine, people exposed to chronic stress age rapidly. Reduced stress levels will indirectly promote anti-aging effects.

“It can also promote circulation in the face,” she noted.

“Indirectly, this technique can help improve skin health.”

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Online users were thrilled to learn about this trick. One user wrote, “I’m already doing while watching lol.”

Another user wrote: “Easy thing to layer in while sitting at your desk.”

Joe Moody shared his free, healthy hack


Joe Moody shared his free, healthy hackCredit: Instagram/@dr.mamina
Dr. Mamina agreed this hack would improve skin health


Dr. Mamina agreed this hack would improve skin healthCredit: Instagram/@dr.mamina
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