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Check How the pandemic its impact on cybersecurity

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions of professionals around the world to work remotely. In doing so, it has created huge opportunities for hackers. According to a recent international survey by Sailpoint Technologies Holdings, Inc., a US-based technology company, 48% of US participants said they were targeted by emails, calls, or texts phishing, both personally and professionally. Six months working from home. Additionally, more than half of respondents from Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), as well as those from Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), reported phishing during the pandemic: 10% of phishing attempts at least once once a week with notice

“In the case of phishing, hackers target employees with malicious links in carefully crafted emails,” Sailpoint CMO Juliette Rijkallah told Security Magazine. “By clicking, employees inadvertently download keylogger software onto their PCs that provide their credentials to malicious actors. Hackers can freely access critical business assets and data by posing as a legitimate employee. With Identity Protection, suspicious anomalies in user behavior, such as large data downloads or activity outside of business hours, can be quickly detected and remediated by allowing users to change their password or revoke access until analyzed and removed the discrepancies. Can be done.

How the pandemic affects cybersecurity

Organizations were quite prepared for the global pandemic

39% of respondents said they were very prepared to protect WFH devices and apps, while 34% were prepared. Twenty-seven percent were not prepared.

COVID-19 and the WFH are driving better collaboration

Just over a third of organizations have seen significant improvement in coordination between business, IT, and security executives as a result of COVID-19 issues, and 38 percent have seen marginal improvements in relationships.

COVID-19/WFH has had an impact on cybersecurity professionals and their organizations alike

Research indicates that COVID-19 has forced cybersecurity professionals to change their priorities/activities, increased their workload, increased the number of meetings they had to attend, and increased stress levels associated with their jobs. Meanwhile, 48 percent say that working from home has affected the security team’s ability to support new apps/business initiatives.

Most organizations do not believe the pandemic will increase cybersecurity spending in 2020

Only 20 percent believe COVID-19 security requirements will lead to an increase in security spending in 2020, while 25 percent believe their organizations will be forced to reduce security spending this year. Where they expect their spending to increase, at least half said priority areas are identity and access management, endpoint security, web and email security, and data security.

COVID-19 may not affect cybersecurity priorities

Seventy percent report that they do not know or do not believe that this crisis will make cybersecurity a higher priority. Only 30 percent say cybersecurity will be a higher priority. Finally, is COVID-19 causing cybersecurity professionals to worry about their jobs or career choices? In general, the answer seems to be “no” to both questions, however, the data seems to indicate that there is more short-term uncertainty about current cybersecurity jobs.

“COVID-19 has had a far-reaching impact on security personnel. With 84 percent of cybersecurity professionals working exclusively from home during the pandemic and nearly two-thirds believing their organizations will be more flexible with work-at-home policies in the future, COVID-19 has personally impacted cybersecurity professionals. cybersecurity in their jobs and in their lives. This adds to the ongoing impact on security organizations and teams from the yearly worsening cybersecurity skills shortage problem,” Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst and ESG Fellow.

“While it is promising to see that most organizations were able to handle the COVID-19 pandemic quite well, it is surprising that we are not seeing an increase in cybersecurity spending or prioritization after this event. If anything, this should serve as a wake-up call that cybersecurity is what allows businesses to stay open and operational. Organizations that prioritize cybersecurity as a result of the pandemic are likely to emerge as leaders in the next wave of innovation and best practices in cybersecurity processes,” said Candy Alexander, Chairman of the Board of ISSA International.

Final words: How the pandemic its impact on cybersecurity

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