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“Close to 80 percent of the participants in India believe that admin work is an obstacle for them to do their main job,” said Milan Sheth, Executive Vice President India, Middle East & Africa, Automation Anywhere. This statement should strike a chord with many working-class people. This is the cost we need to pay for adopting modern technology only to bear with its perils.  Or maybe we are about to be saved by the same technology which could make our work life more meaningful. Robotic Process Automation is here to make it happen, and particularly middle-order companies need it the most. Robotic Process Automation has many virtues under its belt to deliver the workforce from so-called not so important but urgent kinds of tasks.

What is RPA as a service?

Most companies outsource their routine tasks to cloud-based software robot which uses automation, machine learning, and computer vision. Companies that frequently deal in repetitive and high-volume tasks employ these services to make their day-to-day operations seamless and simultaneously upscale their business. It eventually helps in increasing profits without a proportional increase in costs.

Why Mid-Market enterprises should prefer RPA as a service?

Mid-market enterprises are basically crippled by resource crunch, shortage of skilled staff and competition from big companies which have heavy market presence. Robotic Process Automation can assist these companies to overcome these hurdles, if not completely solving them. Mid-level companies whose business proposition lies in innovation and optimal use of resources would find the flexibility that RPA as a service provides very beneficial. They do not have to purchase additional servers, licensing, or professional services. When companies are at the experimental stage, they might require services for time being, and purchasing them wouldn’t make sense. Subscribing to RPA as a service also means you make optimal use of resources, restricting the kind of tasks a robot can do and thereby enhancing ROIs.

Automate at the click of the mouse

Robotic Process Automation usually takes anywhere between 4 weeks to 12 weeks. Imagine the business has few immediate projects in hand and it wants to speed up the process using automation. The very purpose of automation would be defeated if it ends up taking weeks together just to set it up. RPA as a service, on the other hand, comes with a built-in mechanism, users can quickly put it into implementation without facing downtime.

Enhance Data Security

Security breaches are something mid-level companies would find taxing when they have an additional layer of automated robotics added to their technology stack. With RPA service provider, the client can get away with external security threats. They usually have a multi-layered approach to security. Apart from securing the data in the cloud, it is possible to design role-based data access management. This means data can be automated with the confidence that it is secure over the cloud not having to bother about monitoring data access credentials.

Prevent unwarranted lock-ins:

This is an interesting area in the realm of technology where companies end up depending on technologies they benefit from. There might be circumstances, wherein the custom applications, hardware, or software one buys becomes redundant for companies’ goals, and ironically companies have to put up with the idiosyncrasies of the products just because they are locked in. With RPA as a service users can totally avoid these circumstances as the RPA as service provider purchases the products while the end-user can simply enjoy the benefits at a minimal cost.

In a nutshell, adopting RPA SaaS is a win-win proposition for both companies and employees. As businesses progress, so do the employee attitudes towards work. Only when organizations can address their concerns, will they be able to make meaningful contributions toward the progress of the company. At least with RPA SaaS, you need not have to upgrade as a vast pool of updated knowledge is made available with these services.

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