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AI in gaming means adaptive as well as responsive video game experiences facilitated through non-playable characters behaving creatively as if they are being controlled by a human game player. From the software that controlled a Pong paddle or a Pac-Man ghost to the universe-constructing algorithms of the space exploration Elite, Artificial intelligence (AI) in gaming isn’t a recent innovation. It was as early as 1949, when a cryptographer Claude Shannon pondered the one-player chess game, on a computer. Gaming has been an important key for the development of AI. Researchers have been employing its technology in unique and interesting ways for decades.

Top 10 AI Innovations in the Gaming Industry

Cloud-Based Gaming: Similar to movie streaming services, the ability to stream video games is becoming more and more a reality, this is leading the game developers and players to compete for gaming glory. Special gaming tablets that allow cross-platform gaming will address the issue of software compatibility of their existing systems. Shadow is the solitary company providing realized service of it. It does not actually offer cloud gaming but offers cloud computing gaming.

Blockchain-Based Gaming: Blockchain-based eSport indicates that both, gaming developers and users will be getting together with blockchain soon. This will establish the true ownership of the items they purchase or earn from the games, adding real economic value to their digital assets. Anyone who would like to explore the play2earn blockchain gaming universe will come across Axie Infinity at one point. It is currently the top play2earn game in the Philippines and has gained a loyal following globally. Players need to acquire three Axies (monsters) to begin playing, which can be bought from the built-in marketplace.

DarkForest: Computer Program: DarkForest is a computer program developed by Facebook, Inc., based on deep learning techniques using a convolutional neural network. Its updated version Darkforest2 combines the techniques of its predecessor with Monte Carlo tree search. The MCTS effectively takes tree search methods commonly seen in computer chess programs and randomizes them. With the update, the system is known as Darkforest3.

Voice Recognition-Based Games: Voice recognition in gaming can help control the gaming gestures, monitor the controls, and even side-line the role of a controller. Simply by talking to your controlling device, you can search the web, boast about your scores on social media or browse through the gallery.  To create the Alexa skill, HBO partnered with conversation design studio Xandra to translate the Westworld story into a game that people could navigate using just their voice. Needless to say, HBO did everything in its power to ensure this skill topped the Alexa charts.

Wearable Gaming: Wearable technology took the consumer market by storm when they introduced gadgets like smartwatches or fitbits. From fitness, this technology is now progressing towards entertainment. Oculus Quest represents a new era of Virtual reality that will let you dive deeply into the virtual realms. Oculus Quest is an all-in-one PC-quality virtual reality device that boasts four ultra-wide-angle sensors that can track everything around your head including your back.

VR Gaming: The goal of VR gaming is to offer gamers a fully immersive experience, according to WBUR. Instead of only getting to watch stories play out, you’ll be able to live them through VR gaming. Enter a world with 360 access to the familiar Jurassic terrains with Jurassic World. This all-in-one VR experience includes one IR-powered, motion game controller, one stunt baton controller attachment, and one 360 virtual reality headset. Use the game-themed motion controller to fend off hungry velociraptors in the jungle or hold off a pursuing t-rex as you speed towards the visitor’s center. Can you complete your mission and make it to the rendezvous point, or will you be devoured by the island’s most dangerous predators?

Various Payment Options through Digital Wallet: Technology has provided more comfort and safer transaction methods to online fanatics. It can now be said that the internet has become a safe place to make payments and is geared with secure and lightning-fast transaction methods. While a lot of people like to use their credit and debit cards to make payments online, casinos now also offer fairly recent methods of payment, such as bitcoin and digital wallets, which are even more secure ways of online transactions. Other than that, PayPal and Neteller are also available. These are some user-friendly methods of payment.

Improved Security through Facial Recognition and Fingerprint Recognition: Innovations have enabled players to enjoy a more secure gaming experience. Technology has introduced methods to cut off the chances of cyber fraud and hacking movement. In the near future, we may see things like facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, and many more to help customers keep their information secure, thus building trust in the online gaming world.

Improved Mobile Gaming Experience: With more than 4 billion people using smartphones, online casino gaming platforms have a lot to offer to attract more customers. The most reputable online casinos are offering mobile versions and applications to penetrate deeper into the market. Now, a player can do plenty of things with a single device that fits into their pocket. Typically, mobile gaming is an emerging trend that facilitates a player to access an unlimited number of games with the convenience of their location. Cars, parks, trains, buses have now become moving casinos players can place a bet on live casino games via their smartphones.

PlayStation 4: The PS4 was an instant success when it hit stores in November 2013, and went on to sell more than 100 million units faster than any other console. It consolidated Sony’s position as the dominant player in console gaming and made streaming games easier than ever. Boasting a remarkably impressive stable of exclusives, including Uncharted 4, God of War, Persona 5, and Marvel’s Spider-Man, the console boasts one of the best game libraries of all time.

The Future of AI in the Gaming Industry

The gaming market is currently fragmented, and the demand for online games and the proliferation of mobile applications in the US, UK, Italy, China, and the SAR region will help attract new players to the gaming market in the coming years. Japan has set the trends since the advent of the gaming industry. The country developed consoles, moved video games into the mainstream, and pioneered a range of basic genres, franchises, and studios. Esports and MMO games are the obvious future of the gaming industry, and Japan is beginning to change its approach to these genres to maintain its position as a gaming heavyweight.

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