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A healthy diet isn’t one-size-fits-all. Different body types, health conditions, and lifestyles mean that a well-balanced diet will be a bit different for everyone. Someone who’s on their feet or doing physical labor all day will need more calories and different types of food than someone who’s mostly in an office.

But it’s not just lifestyle that makes a difference. Aging will also change what healthy eating looks like for you. Seniors’ dietary needs aren’t the same as a younger person’s needs. That may mean that as you get older, you need to change well-entrenched eating habits.

It’s not easy to change what you’ve gotten used to, especially when it comes to food. But healthy eating for seniors can mean:

  • Lower risk for chronic health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease;
  • Feeling more energized;
  • Preventing muscle and bone loss, which can reduce the risk of a falling injury or broken bones.

However, changes that come with aging can also make healthy eating more of a challenge. You may experience a reduced appetite, reduced sense of smell or taste, and it may be harder for you to get to the grocery store or prepare food on your own.

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