Google Showed Off Its Language-Translating Glasses – BuzzFeed News

Over the last few years, Google has experimented with other translation and transcription products, including earbuds that do real-time translations and a smartphone recording app that does live transcriptions.

Google I/O is the tech giant’s biggest event of the year. In the past, Google has used the conference to unveil its most high-profile projects, including its Google Home smart speakers, and more out-there efforts like its eerily human-sounding artificial intelligence software Duplex. The company streamed the event at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California, a short walk away from its global headquarters.

Google’s event comes as the company faces controversy beyond its product lineup. The tech giant is under antitrust scrutiny in the US and Europe, and faces turmoil as its employees and contractors organize and protest the company.

The tech giant also made a slew of other announcements at the conference, including several updates to its Pixel product line like a long-awaited smartwatch, a new midrange smartphone, wireless earbuds, and a tablet. New software features included automated summaries for Google Docs and 3D models in Google Maps.

The debut of the Pixel Watch has been long anticipated, as Android users waited for a Google product that would compete with the Apple Watch, which launched seven years ago. Wearable tech has become an important category for Google and other tech firms, as people spend more time with their devices and companies look to collect biometric and other types of data.

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