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LONDON, Dec. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global X ETFs, a leading global provider of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), today announced the launch of four new European UCITS ETFs, listed on London Stock Exchange. These four UCITS ETFs represent Global X’s latest additions to its expanding Thematic Growth family in Europe, which offers investors targeted exposure to companies around the world driving long-term, paradigm-shifting themes:

Fund Name Ticker Index Expense
Global X Renewable Energy
Producers UCITS ETF
RNRG Indxx Renewable Energy Producers v2 Index 0.50 %
Global X Clean Water UCITS ETF AQWA Solactive Global Clean Water Industry v2 Index 0.50 %
Global X Data Center REITs & Digital
Infrastructure UCITS ETF
VPN Solactive Data Center REITs & Digital Infrastructure v2 Index 0.50 %
Global X Lithium & Battery Tech
LITU Solactive Global Lithium v2 Index 0.60 %

These launches bring the firm’s total product lineup in Europe to 17 UCITS ETFs, 16 of which fall into Global X’s Thematic Growth family. As a thematic investing pioneer, Global X is harnessing it’s over a decade of experience to continue to bring European investors access to disruptive and impactful global trends. The new funds look beyond traditional geographic or sector exposures, targeting companies poised to benefit from structural shifts in the physical environment and disruptive technology.

“The thematic landscape is rapidly evolving as a greater emphasis on sustainability and clean technology permeates our global consciousness and technological innovation continues at a rapid clip,” said Morgane Delledonne, Director of Research, Europe. “With these new ETFs, investors have a unique opportunity to capture several structural changes happening around the globe, including: the shift to renewable energy, recent advancements in water infrastructure and technology, the building of digital infrastructure that will serve as the backbone for continued digital innovation, and increased global demand for lithium and battery technology.”

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Notes to Editors: Information on Individual Products

Global X Renewable Energy Producers UCITS ETF (RNRG)

Planet Earth’s climate is changing for the worse. Heightened concentrations of atmospheric CO2 are driving long-term temperatures upward, resulting in negative environmental impacts that come with existentially concerning externalities. However, just as human activity bears the onus of our current climate predicament, human innovation and investment could limit it from worsening. Decarbonisation is among the most pressing and globally shared objectives of the 21st century. We can only achieve this by transitioning to clean and renewable energy sources, a shift which will require investing tens of trillions of dollars in the coming decades. The Global X Renewable Energy Producers UCITS ETF (RNRG) provides access to dozens of companies exposed to the renewable energy theme. It seeks to invest in companies that generate over 50% of revenues from producing energy from renewable sources including wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, and biofuels.

Global X Clean Water UCITS ETF (AQWA)

Access to clean water is becoming a dire global challenge – one that may require rethinking all aspects of the water value chain with a greater focus on sustainability and making significant investments in water infrastructure and related products and services. Water fuels life on earth and is a fundamental input for economic productivity. While it is seemingly abundant, competing uses and structural challenges presented by population growth, pollution, and climate change are stretching water resources precariously thin. Fortunately, a shift to a more sustainable model is possible, led by government policy, technological innovation, and growing consumer and public health advocacy. The Global X Clean Water UCITS ETF (AQWA) provides access to this critical theme by investing in companies advancing the provision of clean water through industrial water treatment, storage and distribution infrastructure, as well as purification and efficiency strategies – among other activities.

Global X Data Center REITs & Digital Infrastructure UCITS ETF (VPN)

A confluence of multiple digital technologies is expected to define this decade: billions of internet-connected devices will transmit zettabytes of data across blazing fast 5G networks, which will be stored or analysed in the cloud by sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms. As much as these technologies appear to occur effortlessly and out of thin air, they require an extensive network of physical infrastructure and hardware. As disruptive technologies like the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Video Games & Esports require vast amounts of data storage and processing, demand for data centres and cell towers could continue to surge, along with hardware that powers these structures. The Global X Data Center REITs & Digital Infrastructure UCITS ETF (VPN) seeks to invest in companies that operate data center REITs and other digital infrastructure supporting the growth of communication networks.

Global X Lithium & Battery Tech UCITS ETF (LITU)

As the name suggests, lithium is an essential material used in lithium-ion batteries, which play an increasingly important role in areas like electric vehicles and renewable energy storage. The growth of these industries and their dependence on batteries is driving unprecedented demand for lithium, causing lithium miners and battery producers to rapidly scale operations. Lithium demand is expected to rapidly increase as batteries play an increasingly critical role in electric transportation, renewable energy storage, and mobile consumer electronics. As the world electrifies, lithium miners and battery producers present a compelling investment case as companies well-positioned to benefit from this disruptive trend. The Global X Lithium & Battery Tech UCITS ETF (LITU) invests in the full lithium cycle, from mining and refining the metal, through battery production.

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i Global X, as of 10/21/21
ii Mirae Asset, as of June 2021
iii Mirae Asset, as of 10/18/21


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