CosmeticsDesign spoke with Joylux CEO Colette Courtion about the concept behind the brand, the white space it fills and what the beauty industry can learn from the intimate health company.

Can you tell me a little bit about your brand?

We are the leading women’s health brand focused on intimate health. We are targeting women that are going through menopause. Menopause has three stages, perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause, but it can start for women as early as their 30s and go through the rest of their life. We target what we’d call more mature women, rather than younger millennial women.

Where did the concept for the brand come from?

It came from my own personal experience, having spent a good portion of my career working in the field of esthetics, specifically with advanced technologies like laser and light therapies for anti-aging purposes. 

When I had my son and went through the physical challenges that happened with childbirth, and then ultimately through menopause, I realized that there was a whole demographic and needs state that was being ignored by the beauty world. That was women as they’re aging in their intimate health. 

I had this ah-ha moment and said to myself that there’s a real need for products that address these intimate health issues, which are very similar to skincare issues on your face, they just happen to your intimate health tissues, your vagina, your pelvic floor health, things like that.

How has the brand done in the market?

We are the pioneers in this space. We launched over four years ago, which was incredibly challenging because this historically has been a very taboo topic. Women don’t talk about their intimate health, they don’t talk about what’s going on with their vagina, or their sex lives or anything.