From anti-aging to chip materials: Samsung unveils futuristic projects to fund – Nation Thailand

Another team, led by Kim Joon-seong, physics professor of Pohang University of Science and Technology, will develop new magnetic materials that drastically increase the resistivity of semiconductors.

Low temperature and high magnetic field performance are considered crucial for massive computing and data centers that consume enormous electricity. The new materials would speed up the commercialization of memory chips working at extremely low temperatures.

A team, led by Choi Young-jae, materials engineering professor of Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, is developing a new refining technology for RNA structures that elevate the refinery rate from the current 70 percent to 99.

A higher refinery rate would help boost the overall efficiency of RNA-based vaccine production regardless of the amount or complexity.

The remaining seven projects are linked to ICT innovation such as 6G network and quantum computing.

Kwon Young-jin, a computer science professor of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, plans to develop a virtual system without memory bugs, which secures both safety and security of data-heavy research work for autonomous driving or cloud services.

Samsung said the selected projects will get more practical support such as mentoring for commercialization as well as funding for up to five years.

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