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DEXLEVO Strengthens Global Reputation of GOURI at IMCAS, the World's Largest Beauty Anti-Aging Society -

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--DEXLEVO, an aesthetic medical device company, attended the international conference on cosmetic formation opening in Paris, IMCAS World Congress 2022 on 2022.06.03~06.05, and introduced the excellence and effectiveness of ‘GOURI’.

IMCAS World Congress is one of the world’s top 3 cosmetic conferences, is an event where over 20,000 visitors from more than 195 countries, including dermatologists, participate every year to share the latest knowledge of the industry.

DEXLEVO held its own symposium at the IMCAS World Congress where they participated for the first time as an Emerald sponsor and demonstrated GOURI treatment techniques. As much as GOURI’s technology and product differentiation was verified by being awarded the Best injectable Collagen Inducer at the AMWC held in Monaco last April, many distributors and doctors attended and gathered attention.

Through the symposium, it was introduced, “The current trend in the cosmetic market is anti-aging, and consumers want natural skin improvement. GOURI satisfies all of the market and consumers’ needs with their natural collagen regenerative effect. Not only that, it is safe compared to competitive products, and the surgical procedure is easy, so the satisfaction level in doctors and patients are both high.”

A DEXLEVO employee said, “We were able to confirm that the awareness of GOURI has increased through this conference. Given that the conference was held at the same level as before Covid-19, I have gained confidence to respond to the demand in the beauty market that will increase after the endemic.

Starting with the launch of GOURI last year, DEXLEVO has been actively discussing contracts with large companies in more than 40 countries including Europe, and in May, it formed a strategic partnership with GS Global to explore global markets. It has signed a distribution and sales contract worth $10 million (about KRW 12.7billion) in Turkey, and plans to expand its market to the EU, MENA, East Asia, and China, including Germany.

After the acquisition of Hugel, GS took its first step into the bio market with DEXLEVO’s ‘GOURI’, which is interpreted as the judgment that GOURI’s technological competitiveness and differentiation can create synergy with its business portfolio. Also, GOURI can be supplemented with botonium toxin, and the expansion of the esthetic distribution network through GOURI is expected to have a synergistic effect when expanding its business portfolio in the future. A GS official said, “The collaboration with DEXLEVO through GOURI is to secure future growth engines for GS Group.”

Meanwhile, it is waiting for approval from the Ministry of Food & Drug Safety (MFDS) after clinical completion in Korea, and is aiming to release products next year.

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