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Snail Slime – The Latest Anti-aging Remedy - I24NEWS - i24NEWS

'We’re talking about a mucus with a lot of proteins… proteins that generate skin'

According to French researchers, snails aren’t just for eating – they are a hidden fountain of youth.

Snails always had a market in France for their role in the culinary sphere. But now, the cosmetics industry is promoting anti-aging by putting snail slime on human faces.

Patrick Lambert, a heliciculturalist and snail farmer told a story of him once hiring a man who had eczema, a condition that makes the skin dry and itchy. 

“When he came into contact with snails at a park, he stayed with them for two years. He no longer had eczema,” Lambert said.

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It is not just the slime itself that is beneficial, but it’s what is in the snail secretion – mucin, a type of protein that forms the bulk of the molecular material found in mucus. Mucins tend to form lubricating gels that a snail uses to heal itself and stay hydrated.

“We’re talking about a mucus with a lot of proteins… proteins that generate skin,” Lambert explained.

Many human health and beauty products already contain snail mucin essence, including in creams, lotions, serums, and moisturizers, according to US News

Now, the cosmetics market is going straight to the source and pushing the snail slime in its purest form, suggesting that consumers simply rub it on their faces, something that Lambert suggested even Mona Lisa did to keep her beauty.

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