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15 Chinese Companies to Watch in June 2022 - Tech - EqualOcean


Supreium (Chinese: 适创科技), a Chinese CAE algorithms researcher and industrial software developer, announced on June 1 the completion of its Series A and Series A+ financing rounds worth about CNY 100 million (USD 14.95 million). The lead investors are IDG Capital and Sequoia China, followed by AAMA Fund, Shuimu Tsinghua, and Fangxin Capital. Founded in 2016, the Beijing-based enterprise has been dedicated to intelligent CAE algorithms development, aiming to provide industrial design applications and high-performance digital solutions.


Greenstone (in Chinese: 华玉通软), a Chinese auto software developer, bagged hundreds of millions of CNY in the Series A1 funding round from BlueRun Ventures China solely on June 2. Founded in 2020, Greenstone has focused on designing operating systems and middleware, a type of software that connects various applications with the operating system, for intelligent driving solutions.

Guangzhou Blue Ocean Robot

Guangzhou Blue Ocean Robot (Chinese: 广州蓝海机器人), a GLVentures-Backed provider of mobile robots and intelligent systems, announced its Series A and A+ funding round worth tens of millions of CNY on June 8, led by GLVentures, with participation by Longsheng Jiye. Founded in 2016, Guangzhou Blue Ocean Robot has grown into an integrated intelligent logistics system provider focusing on exploring logistics-related needs in high-end manufacturing industries.



Resnics (Chinese: 益思芯科技), China's storage and network data processor chip solutions provider, closed its over CNY 100 million (USD 15 million) Series A funding round on June 7, led by JLSemi, Renchen Semiconductor, and MassAve Global, with follow-on investment from Bull Capital and existing backers Grit Ventures and Oakseed Ventures. Founded in 2020, the Shanghai-based company has been a semiconductor company dedicated to providing memory and network chip solutions for the communication and Internet industries.


Insnex (Chinese: 苏映视), a provider of three-dimensional (3D) vision + AI detection systems, announced a Series A round of financing worth hundreds of millions of CNY on June 13, led by Hidden Hill Capital and Eastern Bell Capital, with follow-on investment from existing shareholder Oriza Seed Capital. Founded in 2017, this company has focused on researching and developing general vision platforms, 3D+AI vision technology, and high-precision guidance systems.

Antira Technology

Antira Technology (Chinese: 云科安信), specializing in software-defined security services and scenario-based defense solutions, has raised tens of millions of CNY in a Series A financing round before June 20, led by Glory Ventures. Established in 2018 and headquartered in Beijing, Antira Technology has been a domestic Attack Surface Management (ASM) security service provider with “+operator model” professional business services from both defense and offense perspectives.


Aikenong (Chinese: 爱科农), China's first intelligent agriculture solution provider, announced that it had raised more than CNY 100 million in a Series A funding round and a simultaneous Series A+ funding round before June 23. The A round was led by Source Code Capital and the A+ round was led by IDG Capital and GL Ventures. Linear Venture and Bits x Bites participated in both rounds. Established in 2016, Beijing Aikenong Technology is a high-tech company that is China's first intelligent agriculture solutions provider and a pioneer in the research and development of crop growth models.   


SEMI-TECH (Chinese: 赛美特), a Chinese industrial software supplier, bagged CNY 540 million (USD 80.646 million) from series A++ and series B on June 29. Its investors include China Internet Investment Fund, BYD Company Limited, Inno-chip, GLVentures, Shanghai STVC Group, FTZ Fund, Skyview Fund. Established in 2017, SEMI-TECH has developed a set of intelligent manufacturing system platforms that can be used in semiconductor, photovoltaic, LED, and other high-tech manufacturing industries.

Js. Design

Js. Design (Chinese: 即时设计), a Chinese cloud UI design tool, has raised tens of millions of USD in a Series B+ financing round at the beginning of June, led by Unicorn Capital Partners, with participation from existing investor SIG, Source Code Capital, and Coatue Management. Js. Design, founded in 2016, is a cloud design tool for professional UI designers and design teams that not only reduces the cost of software procurement for enterprises but also greatly improves the work efficiency of employees. In particular, it has become an effective productivity tool for telecommuting during the epidemic.


Lixiaoyun (Chinese:励销云), a Chinese CRM SaaS provider, harvested hundreds of millions of CNY from its Series B+ funding round on June 16, led by Telstra Ventures, with participation from Fortune Capital, Pegasus Capital, and Legend Capital. Lixiaoyun, founded in 2014, is a B2B digital intelligent sales system service provider for integrated SaaS services covering "customer acquisition - customer screening - customer management - digital warehousing - customer service operation" for small and medium-sized enterprises across the country.


Wuhan MEMSonics Technologies Co., Ltd. (MEMSonics, Chinese:武汉敏声), a leading provider of micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) technology-enabled products in China, announced its nearly CNY 600 million (USD 89.7 million) Series B financing round on June 26, led by state-owned funds includingChangjiang Innovation Fund Management, CCB Investments, China Railway Jianxin Asset Management, SDIC Changjiang (Hubei) Investment Management, Construction, and Development Fund, Hubei High-Quality Development Industry Investment Fund, with participation by nongovernmental investors including Zhongjia Capital and Hubei Ruijiang Investment. Established in 2019, MEMSonics has taken radio frequency filters as its flagship product, covering piezoelectric microphones and piezoelectric ultrasonic sensor chips.


FreeD Group Limited (aka. TravelFlan), a global digital service provider in China, announced its USD 15 million (CNY 100.54 million) Series B funding round in June, led by Daiwa ACA APAC Growth LP, with participation by the Musketeers Capital, Chinachem Group, HKSTP Corporate Venture Fund (CVF), Radiant Venture Capital and SOSV Select Fund. Established in 2015 in Hongkong, based-on-cloud-computing FreeD has been committed to utilizing Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Machine Learning to provide end-2-end digital solutions through digital products and services like AI chatbots.   


CISTA (Chinese: 芯视达), a developer and supplier of CMOS Image Sensor (CIS), announced its Series C financing round worth CNY 300 million (USD 44.760 million) on June 16, led by Yitang Changhou Fund and the Capital of Galaxy Holding Group, with participation by Wuxi Liantai Investment, Essence Capital, Zhangjiang Haoheng Investment and other institutions. Founded in 2013, SmIDA is a high-tech enterprise specializing in independent research and development of CIS Image Sensor (CMOS Image Sensor), providing CMOS Image Sensor chips in mobile phones, security, vehicle, and wearable devices, AIoT, and other fields.

Shenzhen Hi Robotics

Shenzhen Hi Robotics (Chinese: 海柔创新) completed a Series D+ funding round worth hundreds of millions of USD on June 13, led by Capital Today, with participation from a top USD Fund. Existing shareholders Sequoia Capital, Source Code Capital, 5Y Capital, and 01 Venture Capital. Founded in 2016, the company has aimed to provide customers with efficient, smart, and smooth logistics and warehouse management solutions, as well as assist businesses in increasing their warehousing efficiency through the use of cutting-edge robotic and artificial intelligence technology.


OpenPie (Chinese: 拓数派), China’s data computing service provider, announced on June 23 the completion of its new strategic investment worth hundreds of millions of CNY, led by Oriza PE, followed by Soochow Securities. Established in 2021, the company aims to promote data computing at home and abroad and to help enterprises maximize the value of data.

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