Feds Ruin The Coolest Feature Of The New BMW 7 Series – CarBuzz

This is one of those cases where technology is ahead of government regulation. The next-generation BMW 7 Series is due sometime in the second half of next year and expectations are high, as usual. The German automaker’s next flagship sedan, as with its predecessors, will be a technological tour de force. Remember, it was the E65 “Bangle Butt” where the original iDrive was introduced back in 2001.

With the upcoming seventh-gen model, another key tech system will be included, just not in the US. Forbes confirmed with BMW’s director of development, Frank Weber, that the new luxury sedan will offer Level 3 autonomy. “Level 3 you will see from us in the 7 Series next year,” he said. “It’s a function you can buy. It will be ready to go at the launch of the 7 Series.”

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