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Odds are just as many Ardmoreites ‘ended up’ here as were born and raised in Carter County. Those transplants often find their way to our city in a pretty similar fashion: they have family here or they move here for work.  

For Nyki Dobson, it was the family connection that brought her to Ardmore. “My husband’s family is from Ardmore,” Dobson said.  

The business of skin care that became Dobson’s business, Clear Skin Solutions, started with a connection as well. “I was struggling with deciding between medical-grade anti-aging and anti-acne skin care treatments,” Dobson said. “And my husband asked, ‘why can’t you do both?’”  

After some research and working with laboratories to develop the product line, Clear Skin Solutions was born. “It was created right here in Oklahoma,” Dobson said.  

The line targets acne and anti-aging, but it isn’t a one-size-fits-all treatment. Dobson said clients work with her team of expert skin therapists to find what their skin needs. “We do an individual consultation,” Dobson said.  

“We take blue-light photos of the skin, where we can see inflammation, any damage that has been done,” Dobson said. “It really allows us to get an in-depth idea of what we’re working with and what we need to change.”  

Part of that team includes Dobson’s daughter Amelia. “At one point I was flying her out here every three weeks from Las Vegas so that she could work with clients here,” Dobson said. “Slowly but surely, we eased her into Ardmore, Oklahoma.” 

“it’s just been like a dream come true to be able to work with my daughter,” Dobson said. “And more than anything, to work together to help people become comfortable in their own skin. So it’s been a healing process for each other, and for clients as well.”  

For more information, contact Clear Skin Solutions at 580-798-3950 or For those not in Ardmore, or those who prefer a virtual consultation, that is a service offered at  

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