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A “massive” cyber attack has recently hit Europe which later resulted in an internet outage across the continent. 

Reports wrote that on Friday, March 4, some 5,800 wind turbines which have a total output of 11 gigawatts, went offline during the incident.

Wide-Scale Cyberattack Hits New Europe Anew

Europe Cyberattack Results to 'Massive' Internet Outage | About 5,800 Wind Turbines Went Offline

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A cyberattack has hit Europe, toppling down 5,800 wind turbines offline, which result in a huge-scale internet outage.

Amid Ukraine’s deal with Russia, there was another cyber battle that was going on. Apparently, Orange reported via NDTV that some French internet users suffered from an unexpected outage last week.

Nordnet is said to be the affected subsidiary that provides a satellite internet service to the people. Moreover, bigblu satellite internet service parent firm Eutelsat confirmed this case.

About 40,000 users who reside in Poland, Greece, France, Hungary, Italy, and Germany have reportedly experienced the recent Viasat outage. Viasat is a satellite operator based in the United States.

The American communications company said that there was indeed a “cyber event” that caused region-wide disruption in Ukraine and the other parts of Europe which depend on the KA-SAT satellite.

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Wind Power Converters Went Offline

The cyberattack did not only hit the internet satellite connections in the region. It also managed to knock off wind turbines located in Germany and Central Europe. They reportedly have a combined power of 11 gigawatts.

According to the Federal Office for Information Security in Germany, the outages were the “consequences” of a “cyber attack.”

Amid the ongoing scuffle between Russia and Ukraine, the cyberattacks could not only affect the countries near them. It has the potential to bring more damage globally, citing a spillover effect.

In another report from The Sacramento Bee, a group of Ukrainian hackers is planning to wage a cyber skirmish against the attacking country. This would mark as their answer to Vladimir Putin’s blitzkrieg strike.

Recent Nvidia Cyberattack 

For the latest news, Tech Times reported that Nvidia hackers revealed their “weird” demand for the chipmaker. 

In the unlikeliest of circumstances, the group of cybercriminals was not asking for a ransom or any crucial information from the company. Instead, it was requesting the firm to remove the mining limiters for the RTX 3000 chips.

Based on their request, we could surmise that the hackers are potentially crypto miners. There’s also a chance that they are only sympathizing with the users who have been disappointed by the Ampere card performance.

“We decided to help mining and gaming community. We want nvidia to push an update for all 30 series firmware that remove every lhr limitations otherwise we will leak hw folder. If they remove the lhr we will forget about hw folder (it’s a big folder). We both know lhr impact mining and gaming,” the hackers sent via Telegram.

Aside from the demand of letting GPUs mine cryptocurrencies faster, they also told Nvidia to make all future GPU car drivers open source. The group warned that if the firm does not comply, they will leak all the files tied up to the recent graphics cards.

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