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Elite HRT, a professional wellness provider, released research on how vitamin infusions better the human body

LOS ANGELES, December 17, 2021–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Elite HRT recently released new information and research on how vitamin infusions better benefit the body. Multiple vitamins can be injected at one time into the bloodstream, creating an efficient process that skips digestion and goes straight to where it needs to. The research and blog take customers step by step through how the injection works and how many vitamins/which vitamins can be streamlined.

​​Vitamin injections are just as they sound, a shot that includes one or multiple types of vitamins. Vitamins themselves are organic compounds that are required for the growth and nutrition of the body. Most vitamins are not made inside the body so they must be taken in through other ways such as your diet or supplements.

The research found by Elite HRT goes in-depth into how injection can help get every single aspect and benefit from a vitamin. Since customers are getting more vitamins out of the injection, people are able to get the maximum benefit compared to a supplement, where some of the benefits are lost in the digestion process. The body will be able to take advantage of the vitamin and result in the maximum results for overall health.

Elite HRT chose vitamin infusions for their customers and clients over traditional vitamins due to the efficiency and the complete use of each vitamin that infusions allow. Some benefits are lost when digesting vitamins due to stomach acid and differences in bloodstreams.

The research and blog can be found on the Elite HRT website and blog page. A majority of research alongside this current piece will be on the site for everyone to read and learn more about.

If customers are considering vitamin injections, reach out to Elite HRT to determine which vitamin injection may be the right choice. There may also be other options that may help to address certain symptoms as well. An Elite HRT consultant will work to create a personalized care plan to get the exact benefits each specific body needs.

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Elite HRT has been a leading anti-aging and wellness provider since 2013. We offer not only on-site consultations but also through means of telecommunications known as Telemedicine. Elite HRT offers years of medical expertise and a proven approach for patients looking to receive quality medical care without boundaries. Elite HRT is exceptionally attentive to all the details that make a difference to your health, wellness, and success. All treatments are customized to suit the personal needs and goals of each individual. The focus is on you.

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