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LONDON — The sound of beauty.

Dr. Barbara Sturm is venturing into the podcast world with her own, called “The Dr. Barbara Sturm Podcast,” which launched on Monday on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

The first series of the podcast includes four episodes with co-host Mariella Frostrup, author of “Cracking The Menopause” and founder of the #MenopauseMandate.

The podcast’s debut episodes dive into the world of menopause, from education to wellness and lifestyle advice. Sturm and Frostrup have brought together industry leaders and experts in the fields of aging, health, nutrition and beauty.

The German aesthetics doctor plans to release more episodes of the podcast later this year.

In episode one, “Menopause 101,” Sturm and Frostrup are joined by Dr. Sharon Malone, a leading women’s health consultant in the U.S. and chief medical officer of Alloy Women’s Health. The women dissect menopause, perimenopause and explain the biology involved, plus share tips on managing symptoms.

In another episode, “A Guide to HRT, ” they’re joined by Dr. Paula Briggs, chair elect of The British Menopause Society, to discuss HRT, or hormone replacement therapy, its risks and why there’s a shortage of HRT products in the U.K.

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In “Menopause and The Workplace,” they share the 2019 statistic that 900,000 women left their jobs in the U.K. due to menopause. Founder of the social network app Peanut and Miss Menopause, Michelle Kennedy, explains how she tailors menopause training to workplaces.

In the fourth episode, “Menopause and Relationships,” they detail the effects menopause has on relationships with friends, family and partners. Psychotherapist and psychoanalyst Susie Orbach sits down with them to explain the challenges and opportunities of menopause in women’s lives.

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