DEXLEVO First in Asia to Win BEST Injectable Award at AMWC, the World’s Largest Congress for Aesthetic Anti-aging – Business Wire

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The aesthetic and medical device company DEXLEVO attended the 20th AMWC (Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine World Congress) held in Monaco and explained its products to the visitors.

The world’s first fully liquid PCL (polycaprolactone) injectable, GOURI developed by DEXLEVO, an aesthetic and medical device company, was the first in Asia to be chosen as Best Injectable in the category at the 20th AMWC (Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine World Congress) held in Monaco from March 31 to April 2, 2022.

AMWC is one of the world’s most prestigious aesthetic and anti-aging congresses. More than 20,000 visitors from more than 200 countries worldwide, including dermatologists, attend the event every year to share the latest trends in aesthetic and anti-aging products and industry trends.

DEXLEVO launched GOURI, the world’s first fully liquid PCL injectable, at the AMWC in 2021. Attending AMWC for the second year, it won the Best Injectable award for the first time as an Asian company at the AMWC Awards, having its unique technology and products recognized on the world stage. For the AMWC Awards, the AMWC Committee reviews and chooses the candidate products, judged by votes from dermatologists and industry workers around the world. At this year’s review, DEXLEVO was nominated alongside prominent global beauty companies such as Allergan, Merz, Fillmed, and Aptos, proving its competence in the global market.

More than 150 doctors and companies visited DEXLEVO’s booth and showed great interest in GOURI, which provides a fundamental solution to anti-aging.

Under the theme of “1st Liquid PCL-What, When, Why?”, Mexican dermatologist Dr. Arturo Vela said, “The beauty market now wants naturalness. DEXLEVO’s GOURI is the world’s first fully liquid PCL injectable and the safest anti-aging product that meets consumer needs.” Croatian dermatologist Dr. Dinko Kaliterna gave a treatment lecture at the congress under the theme “Skin Rejuvenation with Liquid PCL,” saying, “GOURI is safer than competing products and its treatment is very convenient. Also, patient’s satisfaction with the procedure is high due to the natural collagen regeneration effect.”

An official from DEXLEVO said, “As the trend in the beauty market changes, more companies are showing interest compared to last year’s AMWC. Since the global market is showing increasing interest in GOURI, we plan to support marketing to become a leader in anti-aging products.”

DEXLEVO’s GOURI is the world’s first fully liquid type PCL injectable of polycaprolactone (PCL), a biodegradable polymer material, that spreads naturally throughout the face and around the eyes when injected into the skin, forming a three-dimensional matrix and causing collagen production.

With the launch of AMWC in September 2021, DEXLEVO is selling and contracting GOURI in more than 40 countries and will participate as a platinum sponsor in IMCAS 2022, to be held in Paris in June this year, to accelerate marketing activities and expand the global market.

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