Dame Helen Mirren, 76, Shares Her Anti-Aging Beauty and Wellness Secrets – Longevity LIVE – Longevity LIVE

Yes, not everybody is proud of their grey hair, and it’s their prerogative if they want to hide them. But for the BAFTA-winning actress, living life on the grey side is exactly where she wants to be.

Be open to opportunities

According to Mirren, this is the secret to a life well-lived. She adds that you should look at life from a fresh pair of eyes, imaging that you’re seeing the world for the first time. She also adds that you shouldn’t feel paralyzed by your own insecurities and that while you should always be polite, try not to be too apologetic in life.

Diet and exercise are the key to growing older

Diet is incredibly important, especially if you want to live a life as long and healthy as Helen Mirren’s. She advises that you work from the inside out and while she’s the first one at the fish and chips, she reminds us that what you put inside your body does influence how you feel about yourself.

In regards to her fitness routine, Mirren shares that she follows the Canadian Air Force women’s exercise regime, which is a 12-minute exercise regime that starts easy but becomes difficult over time. Mirren admits that  she’s  incredibly lazy and if she can avoid doing it, she will, but every now and then she pulls herself back in.

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