Corinader oil has the potential to be effective anti-ageing ingredient –

A recent study found that the oil displayed high levels of collagenase, elastase, tyrosinase, and hyaluronidase inhibitory activities.

Researchers decided to assess the anti-ageing benefits of several apiaceous oils after noting growing demand for more natural, cheaper and efficacious anti-ageing products.

While noting that essential oils are frequently used in cosmetics products due to a wide range of biological activities as well as their pleasant odour, data on their anti-wrinkle properties was limited.

Therefore, they tested the oils of fennel, anise, cumin, and coriander in vitro for their anti-aging potential, with coriander oil displaying the highest anti-wrinkle activities.

They then conducted an in-vivo evaluation of the effect of coriander oil dosage forms against UV radiation-induced wrinkles, which also exhibited promising activities.

The researchers wrote: “The skin ageing-related enzyme assays revealed that coriander oil showed the highest inhibitory activity of tyrosinase, elastase, hyaluronidase, and collagenase compared to fennel, anise, and cumin.

“The chemical composition of coriander essential oil that was analysed by gas chromatography with flame ionization and mass spectrometry detection revealed that linalool was the highest percentage composition in the essential oil (81.29%). Linalool has been for a long time incorporated in formulations such as cosmetics, perfumes, soaps as well as household cleaners for its specific fragrance.”

Potent findings

In relation to the in vivo tests on UV damage, they added: “Our results showed that coriander oil formulations possessed potent anti-ageing potential through the inhibition of various cell signaling pathways, down-regulation of the mRNA expression of MMP-1 as well as a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

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