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The must-reads

I’ve combed the internet to find you today’s most fun/important/scary/fascinating stories about technology.

1 Russian soldiers are attacking a 300-mile front in Ukraine
The aim is to take full control of the Donbas region in the country’s east. (NYT $)
+ Putin’s desire to conquer Donbas is symbolic. (BBC) + The State Department has condemned Russian airstrikes as a “campaign of terror.” (WP $)
+ The siege of Mariupol appears to be drawing to an end. (FT $)

2 Crypto hackers are stealing ever-larger sums
And it’s mainly down to vulnerable, poorly-managed open-source code.(TR)
+ Bitcoin mining has devastated the city of Plattsburgh in New York. (TR)
+ The case for keeping cash. (TR)

3 Even democracies use controversial spyware
NSO has paved the way for this sort of surveillance to become terrifyingly commonplace. (New Yorker $)
+ The UK prime minister’s office has allegedly been hit with an NSO spyware attack. (The Guardian)
+ The hacker-for-hire industry is now too big to fail. (TR)

4 Facebook investing in Nigerian internet infrastructure comes at a price
Yep, you guessed it. User data. (The Guardian)
+ It’s been accused of failing to moderate misinformation in Africa. (The Guardian)

5 Intel claims its AI can read students’ emotions
Plot spoiler: it can’t. Not accurately, anyway.  (Protocol
+ Emotion AI researchers say overblown claims give their work a bad name. (TR)

6 How serious is Elon Musk about owning Twitter, really?
And should we be worried? (The Atlantic $)
+ Twitter’s board is trying hard to avoid a scenario where he buys 100% of the company.  (Bloomberg $)
+ Twitter’s edit button might show how the tweet originally appeared. (TechCrunch)

7 Food in the metaverse isn’t very good
Because—shocker—you can’t actually eat it! (Insider)
+ Here’s how to let a metaverse die with dignity. (Polygon)

8 A former Dollar General worker is using TikTok to push for union representation
Instead of listening to her concerns, the company fired her. But she’s not going quietly. (NYT $)
+ Amazon’s warehouse in New Jersey is the latest to get a union vote. (WP $)

9 Online white supremacist communities are preying on teenagers
Even the anti-racist material to combat it has been weaponized. (The Atlantic $)

10 Here’s how you should be texting 💬
Sorry, grammar sticklers! (WP $)

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