Codex Beauty Labs, Leading Biotech Skincare Brand, Granted US Patents for New Anti-Aging Line, Antü® – PRNewswire

The first patent covers ECOCERT®-approved compositions capable of restoring and strengthening the skin barrier by managing skin aggravating reactive oxidative species (ROS) associated with sunlight, pollution, and the natural aging process.  The innovative AntüComplex combines three Patagonian plants (matico, maqui, and murtilla) traditionally used to treat inflammatory conditions with a humectant in a way that synergistically enhances their ability to both neutralize ROS and strengthen the skin barrier.  This technology, which can be supplemented with other South American actives known for immuno-stimulant and analgesic properties, has been clinically proven to restore skin barrier health and alleviate skin aggravation (often called “inflammaging”).

The second patent covers ECOCERT®-approved compositions capable of proactively protecting skin against exposome-induced inflammaging. The AntüComplex-containing compositions have been scientifically shown to form a protective film on the skin’s surface capable of inhibiting ROS associated with daily exposure to sunlight and pollution (“exposome”) from contacting the skin and neutralizing them before they have an opportunity to induce premature aging caused by accumulated daily environmental stress.

Antü products are certified MyMicrobiome, Vegan, Leaping Bunny, EWG Certified and ECOCERT COSMOS natural.

About Codex Beauty

Codex Beauty Labs is a data-driven, plant-powered skincare brand, focused on providing functional, clinically proven products that leverage its biotech-fermented, food-grade PreservX® preservation system for microbiome support, and airless sugarcane packaging for sustainability.  Visit to learn more about our Bia ultra-hydration and Antü anti-inflammaging collections.

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