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Re:invent AWS previewed new developer resources at its Re:invent conference, including new SDKs for Rust, Swift, and Kotlin, as well as Amplify Studio for rapid web applications, integrated with the Figma design tool.

The SDKs provide a language wrapper for APIs to AWS services. Existing SDKs target JavaScript, Python, PHP, .NET (C#), Ruby, Java, Go, Node.js, and C++. Now three more were this week added. Kotlin is the official language for Android and runs primarily on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine). Swift is Apple’s language for iOS and macOS, and can also be used on a server. Rust is the language developed by Mozilla to be nearly as fast as C but with memory safety and other modern features.

“Rust has a lot of use internally as well, we’ve seen it become adopted quite rapidly within AWS and within Amazon,” Ken Exner, GM for AWS Developer Tools, told The Register. “EC2 uses it, S3 uses it, CloudFront, DynamoDB.”

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