Chemours eyes U.S., Europe locations to boost hydrogen investment (NYSE:CC) – Seeking Alpha

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Chemours (NYSE:CC) said on Friday it is investigating capacity investments to boost its hydrogen economy business, as it seeks to meet rising demand for water electrolysis and fuel cell technology.

The company said it is considering potential locations in the U.S. and Europe, with an emphasis on shifting its portfolio to sustainable offerings that make a specific contribution to achieving United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Chemours (CC) said capacity investment will be focused on ionomers that support its Nafion ion exchange membranes, which offer a clean energy solution through water electrolysis creating green hydrogen from renewable power.

Chemours (CC) shares have rebounded following an easy Q1 earnings beat, but the company “remains volatile with junk-rated credit, a poor yield (comparatively), and now a sub-par somewhat low upside,” Wolf Report writes in an analysis posted on Seeking Alpha.

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