Cellular Goods adds three new anti-aging products to portfolio – Proactive Investors UK

Cellular Goods PLC (LSE:CBX) said it has made a “significant expansion” to its ‘Look Better’ range, launching three new products.

The new Rejuvenating products, Rejuvenating Night Cream, priced at £89, SPF Rejuvenating Day Cream, £79, and the Rejuvenating Day Mousse, £69, have been added to its anti-ageing range, supplementing its Rejuvenating Cannabinoid Serum.

Cellular said the new products will allow it to “widen its reach and meet demand for products that effectively address the visible signs of ageing,” without some of the side effects compared to other products available.

All three products include the group’s cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabidiol (CBD) blend,  which “protect the skin from UV damage and inflammation,” two leading causes of ageing.

Danish supermodel Helena Christensen has been signed by the London-listed company to be the face of the group’s Rejuvenating skincare campaign and will feature in digital, social, PR and press materials.

Christensen has modelled for the likes of Versace, Armani and Victoria’s secret and has nearly 1mln followers on Instagram, as well as featuring in publications such as British Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Hello Magazine.

“Our brand-new campaign with Helena, someone who shares our passion for high-performance science-backed skincare, is an incredible opportunity for Cellular to harness her massive online and social media presence to boost public awareness and credibility of the amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of CBG and CBD,” said Cellular chief executive Anna Chokina in a statement.

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