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A California nonprofit that has worked to clear mined land in Afghanistan and turn it to agricultural use is pleading for help to get its 360 employees out of that country as the Taliban takes over. Heidi Kuhn, founder of Roots of Peace, said she received “probably 100 emails” overnight on Saturday from employees who fear the Taliban will search from house to house for them and kill them. She said her employees were particular targets, having worked for a woman-led organization in the United States. Kuhn has written to President Biden urging him “to act decisively and not abandon” the nonprofit’s staff, who have worked in all provinces of Afghanistan over the past 20 years. She is also raising money to buy tents, blankets, milk, and rice for the displaced people who have been pouring into Kabul. (ABC 7)

Two women have gone public with accusations that the co-founder of the SENS anti-aging research foundation made sexually inappropriate remarks to them during an early-career mentorship. Laura Deming, founder of a fund that supports longevity research, and Celine Halioua, who runs a startup trying to extend dogs’ lifespans, said they published a pair of blog posts last week out of concern that co-founder Aubrey de Grey was still publicly raising money for SENS even though executives there had known about their accusations since June and de Grey was ostensibly on administrative leave pending an external investigation into the matter. They were also worried by the departure in July of CEO Jim O’Neill, who had been a main contact for them and who Deming said had told her in June that he had tried unsuccessfully to launch an investigation into the accusations. The women said they fear O’Neill’s departure will compromise the work of the investigator, who began interviewing them in July. (Stat)

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