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If you could biologically reverse your age, would you want to know about it?  I sure did!  What does this mean?  You may recall from previous articles, where I shared, we have two bodies, a bioenergetic and a biochemical body; well, we also have two Ages:  1) a Chronological Age for years lived on Earth; and 2) a Biological Age for how old your internal biology is, in comparison to your chronological age; and yes, for some, both ages are the same.  

MY CHRONOLOGICAL AGE (61); BIOLOGICAL AGE (43):  However, using my test results, for an example, my chronological age of 61 years has the biological health of a 43-year-old person, chronologically. 

STEM CELLS:  You see, as medical science has been perfecting their ability to transplant stem cells from a healthy to an unhealthy body, with the risk of being rejected; for decades, I have been waiting for our nutritional scientists to discover which plants God gave us, that contain the nutrients the body requires to grow its own, new stem cells!  As you may know, STEM CELLS help the body grow (regenerate) new healthy cells to replace malnourished, decaying, damaged, aging, dying and dead cells.  We are only as healthy as our weakest cell!  As of December, 2020, I wait no longer!

To better understand, I will insert a little history:  Since the 1970s to 2009, there have been five scientists who won the Nobel Prize for their research on chromosomes and discovery of Telomeres.  

TELOMERES are segments of DNA found at the ends of chromosomes. They can be prematurely shortened when exposed to environmental chemicals, oxidation, inflammation, and stress.  This leads to DNA damage and contributes to early cell death.  

LONGER TELOMERES = LONGER LIFE:  Shorter telomeres, then, have been associated with cardiovascular disease, inflammatory disorders, metabolic syndromes, diabetes, cognitive decline, and other chronic degenerative conditions associated with aging, in addition to, accelerating the aging process.  Accelerated aging is when a person’s biology is no longer equal to their chronological age, but that of someone older, even decades older.  

For example, a 45-year-old’s biology might resemble someone 50 or 60 years, chronologically, or older.  How many children today are suffering from diseases that used to be exclusive to the elderly?

In summary, the shorter your Telomeres, the faster you age and die; the longer the Telomeres, the longer you live and you live well!   

In Part 2 of this 2-Part article, I will share the three significant outcomes from research of another study, where a team of 20 scientists discovered 1) the solution to growing our own stem cells, and thus, grow longer Telomeres, and 2) the root cause of aging and disease.

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