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Every December we choose to honor some of the amazing anti-aging products that have delivered unparalleled results throughout the year. The Truth In Aging Best Of Awards is now a hotly anticipated event by both our community members and our carefully-curated brands. The treatments, serums and creams we award not only meet our strict standards — innovative, ethical, good for the skin — but are also proven effective by tough critics (aka real women and men like you). So whether you are looking for a line smoother, glow booster, anti-aging eye cream or all of the above, stay tuned over the coming days as we reveal the standout products in every category.  

Today, we’re awarding the Community Favorite of the Year. And the winner is…

2021 Community Favorite: WOW This Cream Is Really Good ($285 in the shop)

The Truth In Aging community has voted and WOW This Cream Is Really Good bubbled to the top (closely followed by Skin 2 Skin’s Anti-Sagging Serum, Transderma O and ClarityRX Get Fit). As one member commented, “Wow, indeed”. This rich, active-packed formula doubles up (as promised) as serum and moisturizer, even an eye cream. I like to use it on my neck and decollete. It firms, smooths stubborn lines, as well as evening out redness.

Although the most dominant active is niacinamide and you’ll get your dose of Matrixyl 3000 here, I like some of the more unusual compomemts of the formula. CM-glucan, a natural yeast polysaccharide that strengthens the skin barrier and stimulates the immune system. It promotes collagen synthesis and even soothes symptoms of eczema.

Longevicell. Derived from myrtle, it is supposed to encourage cellular longevity, regulate signalling pathways while limiting glycation. Another botanically sourced active is Suflorawhite (from cress) and it is one of several skin brighteners in WOW.

Reviewers’ take:

This is the best cream I have ever used, and I am not one to skimp on skin care products – Jennifer

I have seen an astonishing impact on my skin – Claudia

After 30 days my skin is firmer, particularly in the throat area, feels smoother, is less ruddy – Stacy

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