Best Machine Learning Companies for 2022 – CIO Insight

Where will machine learning go next?

New machine learning trends have emerged as ML companies grow and adapt. No-code programming and other accessibility features are especially popular as ML vendors try to provide value for less-experienced users. A lack of talent remains the most significant barrier to AI adoption, so this emphasis on ease-of-use will likely persist.

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Some specific use cases will see considerable growth shortly, too. Machine learning could become an essential cybersecurity tool as cybercrime grows and becomes increasingly complex. Google has already started using ML to analyze threats on Android, and Amazon recently acquired an AI security startup. Simultaneously, however, machine learning poses its own cybersecurity threats, as in the case of adversarial machine learning attacks.

Environmental ML will grow as sustainability becomes more important to businesses. Enterprises will use machine learning to find ways to minimize their carbon footprints, and ML vendors will pursue low or zero-carbon data centers. Machine learning has considerable energy needs, so companies providing renewable-powered ML could see more success long-term.

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