Anti -aging startup lands a USD 27 million investment – Investor Telegraph

 Seattle-based Modern Age which offers a proactive and holistic approach to health as people age, incorporating telehealth and in-person services has just landed a $ 27 million investment.

The story of Modern Age looks to come straight out of a Hollywood script as its CEO and founder Melissa Eamer, who spent nearly two decades at Amazon became curious after her mother died at a relatively young age. She started comprehending as to what are the reasons that some people age well and others decline quickly.

She had a “lightbulb moment” after discovering the concept of subjective age when she convinced Oak HC/FT, a Greenwich, Conn.-based firm that backs fintech and healthcare startups, which invested in its ideas. GV, the venture arm of Alphabet, also invested, and so did Juxtapose, which previously led a $6 million round in July.

The company’s software uses computer vision and machine learning to examine skin, hair, and bone health. It can also gather information from FitBit devices or an Apple Watch about daily routines to build a digital record of a person’s health and match them with treatments.

“Much like some of our other successes in the health and wellness space, like Care/of or Tend Dental, we see Modern Age as another opportunity to utilize technology in a way that creates a hyper-personalized experience for customers and can lead to better resources and patient care,” Jed Cairo, co-founder and managing partner at Juxtapose, said via email.

A large portion of the new funding will be used to build out Modern Age’s flagship clinic in New York’s Flatiron district that is expected to open in early 2022. In addition, the company will invest in talent, technology development, and customer engagement.

The company is now having 17 employees, and Eamer expects to grow to 50, not including the staff in the clinic, by the end of 2022. The clinic will have its own clinicians and medical team. She also will be hiring a chief medical officer to work with her as well.

The company is sitting at the intersection of healthcare in multiple markets, including skin, hair, and bone health along with hormone, metabolic, ear, and eye health. It also incorporates wellness with fitness, nutrition, and community.

The startup has countless competitors in the wellness and healthcare industry, but Eamer said previously that Modern Age is unique with its mission to help people manage their aging process.

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