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Anti-Aging Ambassador Leonardo DiCaprio Breaks Up With 25-Year-Old Girlfriend

A Reddit user by the name of TrustLittleBrother created this graphic on Excel (impressive!) showing that once one of Leo’s girlfriends hits 25, they better start packing. Before Morrone there was Gisele Bundchen (Class of 2004), Bar Rafaeli (Class of 2010), Kelly Rohrbach (Class of 2015), and Nina Agdal (Class of 2017), to name a few. Who will be the woman to break this particular glass ceiling? Only time, Leo’s worst nightmare, will tell.


While much of the internet is determined to believe DiCaprio is doing the DiDumping, Lifehacker writer and comedian Meredith Dietz presented an opposing theory that has legs.


Morrone and DiCaprio were first rumored to be dating in December 2017 but didn’t make their debut as a duo until the 2020 Oscars. People broke the news of their split, according to sources close to the couple, though official reps of DiCaprio and Morrone declined to comment. The two were spotted vacationing in Europe earlier in the summer. But according to Page Six, DiCaprio partied with Tobey Maguire, Tristan Thompson, and an “army of models” in St. Tropez sans Morrone in late July. Do you think he cards women before considering asking them out?

Speaking of Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian managed to not mention him at all in a recent interview about motherhood in Elle. The on-again-off-again couple welcomed a baby via surrogate in July, though they’ve been split since late 2021, after news broke that Thompson had cheated on her again.


Kardashian told Elle that she “love[s] everything, even the hard parts” about being a mom. That is a great attitude to have, but also, having a baby via surrogate with a habitual cheater feels like more than just loving the hard parts.

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