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An Exclusive Interview with Kushal Bhanshali, India Country Manager of TigerGraph


Graph algorithms or graph analytics are analytic tools used to determine the strength and direction of relationships between objects in a graph. The focus of graph analytics is on the pairwise relationship between two objects at a time and the structural characteristics of the graph as a whole. TigerGraph is the provider of a leading graph analytics platform that supports advanced analytics and machine learning applications via connected data.

Analytics Insight has engaged in an exclusive interview with Kushal Bhanshali, India Country Manager of TigerGraph.

1. Kindly brief us about the company, its specialization, and the services that your company offers.

TigerGraph is the provider of a leading graph analytics platform that supports advanced analytics and machine learning applications via connected data. Headquartered in Redwood, California, with offices in the Asia Pacific including India, Singapore, Indonesia, and Korea, our proven technology supports modern enterprises in the areas of fraud detection, anti-money laundering (AML), entity resolution, customer 360, recommendations, knowledge graph, cybersecurity, supply chain, IoT and network analysis.

2. With what mission and objectives, the company was set up? In short, tell us about your journey since the inception of the company?

FTigerGraph seeks to be at the forefront of graph technology with the world’s first native parallel graph and help enterprises transform their businesses with deep data insights from day one, our company is working towards making graph analytics a “must-have” technology for the modern enterprise. At the same time, TigerGraph seeks to democratize graph adoption across every industry from financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, advertising, media and entertainment, and more.

TigerGraph has made amazing progress.  Earlier this year, we raised US$105 million in Series C funding, one of the largest funding rounds within the graph database and analytics market, bringing TigerGraph’s total funding raised to over US$170 million. During the last 12 months, the company has more than tripled its workforce and has expanded its global footprint throughout North America, EMEA and APAC.

3. Tell us how your company is contributing to big data analytics and how the company is benefiting the clients.

The graph has become a critical technology for modern enterprises across nearly every industry from financial services, healthcare, to e-commerce and the public sector. 8 out of 10 banks use graph technology.TigerGraph’sglobal clients include Jaguar Land Rover, UnitedHealth Group, Walmart, Intuit, and Exact Sciences. Closer to home in the Asia Pacific, we name Merkle Science, Australia Taxation Office as our clients.

For Merkle Science, a predictive blockchain monitoring and investigative platform which uses TigerGraph’s advanced analytics to pre-empt and prevent financial crime, TigerGraph gave Merkle Science the ability to analyse over 2.5 TB of data in real-time, delving five to 10 hops into the data to better connect relationships that they were not able to do prior to unlock deeper, wider and operational analytics at scale. Through the construction of a cryptocurrency network graph using TigerGraph, meaningful data insights with real-world implications can be delivered to give Merkle Science an edge over their competition. TigerGraph has done so while providing customers of Merkle Science with immediate and pre-emptive detection of criminal activity – and with significant time and cost savings, unleashing data’s true potential to help more customers drive business growth, make better decisions, and achieve tangible benefits.

In India, TigerGraph has recently announced our partnership with CareEdge Risk Solutions to build customer analytics and fraud solutions using our graph database technology, enabling CareEdge Risk Solutions to develop the next generation of customer and fraud solutions to financial institutions to manage risk and compliance, acquire customers and improve operational efficiencies.

Using TigerGraph’s graph database technologies and ready-made anti-money laundering (AML) and fraud prevention software toolkits, CareEdgerisk solutions can now massively increase the amount of data it analyses while also more deeply interrogating the relationships between different data points.

The partnership with TigerGraph means CareEdgerisk solutions can overcome bottlenecks such as the lack of scalability, visualization, or accuracy that traditional databases are often limited by.

4. Kindly share your point of view on the current scenario of big data analytics and its future?

Throughout 2022, more companies will apply the power of graph analytics to support advanced analytics and machine learning applications, including fraud detection, anti-money laundering (AML), entity resolution, customer 360, recommendations, knowledge graph, cybersecurity, supply chain, IoT, and network analysis. Graph will become even more linked with ML and AI.

TigerGraph is working to advance graph databases and has committed to delivering petabyte-scale graph databases within the next two years. We are also working on a 100 TB version of the LDBC-SNB benchmark, which should be achieved within 2022. In terms of standardisation, the next year will see a move towards finalising standardisation on Graph Query Language (GQL). We expect a deployment shift from on-prem to the cloud (both private and public.)

5. Kindly mention some of the major challenges the company has faced till now.

We don’t have major challenges, perhaps meeting the burgeoning demand as fast as we can. Graph adoption is growing at lightning speed.

6. What is your biggest USP that differentiates the company from competitors?

We are the first native parallel graph in the world. There is no doubt we are the industry’s only scalable graph database for the enterprise and also the world’s fastest. The many accolades we have won speak for us, especially our recent induction into the JP Morgan Chase Hall of Innovation where we are recognised for our market innovation, business value, and disruptive product offerings. Other awards where we received validation of our efforts to make scalable graph analytics available to everyone include the Gartner ‘Cool Vendor in Data Management’ along with a ‘Leader in the Forrester Wave Graph Data Platforms Report’.

7. How is big data evolving today in the industry as a whole? What are the most important trends that you see emerging across the globe?

According to Gartner, by 2025, graph technologies will be used in 80% of data and analytics innovations, up from 10% in 2021, facilitating rapid decision-making across the enterprise.

As the volume of data created and replicated throughout the enterprise continues to increase, scalable graph technology has become the critical link between massive amounts of data and key business insights. Graph will become a major competitive differentiator among the companies in multiple industries. Graph can quickly highlight, discover and predict complex relationships within data —insights that uncover financial fraud or help solve logistics challenges within the supply chain.

8. Please brief us about the products/services/solutions you provide to your customers and how do they get value out of it.

As the enterprise’s fastest and most scalable graph platform, TigerGraph has a suite of easy-to-use on-premise and cloud solutions that allow any company to easily process and analyze massive amounts of data in real-time to find key relationships within data and realize the full transformative potential of graph analytics.

TigerGraph Database is the only scalable graph database for the enterprise that delivers the power of a scalable graph database and analytics to everyone — including non-technical users.

TigerGraph Cloud the industry’s first and only distributed graph database-as-a-service enables users to start in minutes, build in hours and deploy in days.

GraphStudio™ is our simple yet powerful graphical user interface that integrates all the phases of graph data analytics into one easy-to-use application.

9. How do you plan to revolutionize the Indian market and what are your plans to tap the market?

We are passionate about investing in India because as one of the world’s largest internet and mobile user markets and the region’s key innovation hub, our country’s enterprises can fully reap the benefits from graph database technology. As country manager of TigerGraph India, I am fully dedicated to guiding our customers in fully utilizing the potent combination of advanced graph analytics, AI, and ML applications to answer critical business questions that eventually translate into quantifiable business benefits. Especially since India is the latest addition to the growing list of focus markets in the Asia Pacific for TigerGraph, I believe I can help Indian customers transform their organizations while ensuring a strong return on investment with our technology.

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