A Windsor ninth-grader recognized for study of anti-aging compounds in food – CTV News Windsor

A ninth-grade Windsor students’ research into anti-aging compounds in food has won major local and national awards.

Tesko Chaganti attends Vincent Massey Secondary School.

He won gold medal at Windsor’s regional science fair. From there, Chaganti won a silver medal at the national level.

The focus of his study – the notion that there are compounds in natural foods like peppermint, blackberries, saffron and chestnuts which may inhibit a protein found in senescent cells – a type of cell that is involved in the aging process and age-related diseases.

“This summer actually I plan on conducting studies on whether these compounds actually inhibit the protein that I targeted and from there probably going into animal studies and finally if it gets that far clinical studies with humans,” said Chaganti.

This preliminary yet advanced bioinformatics research might pave the way for viable anti-aging drugs in the future.

The ninth-grader has ambitions to become a medical research doctor, likely an immunologist.

The key to his academic success thus far; dedication and passion.  

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