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BERLIN & MUNICH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Radiology imaging and artificial intelligence (AI) are merging. The Berlin-based start-up Neo Q, which developed the reporting method Guided Reporting, and the Munich-based MedTech company deepc have announced a cooperation to further advance this concept. RadioReport, which is a systematic evolution of structured reporting, maps the thought processes of experienced specialists. Starting with the anatomy, it guides the physician through the entire reporting process with 23 complete modules, similar to a virtual interview partner. The final result is a standardized, comprehensive report with machine-readable content. deepc offers radiologists quick and easy access to a wide range of AI applications, integrated directly into the clinical workflow, with its AI platform deepcOS. The company handles both the screening of all AI solutions on the market and easy access for users through a universal interface.

As part of the collaboration, the novel AI platform deepcOS will be integrated within the RadioReport solution. Radiologists will be able to seamlessly access AI algorithms during the innovative IT-guided reporting process which assists them in image analysis. For the first time, Neo Q’s technology generates 100 percent machine-readable and highly detailed data. Through deepc’s platform, users have access to a wide range of selected AI applications for more than 30 clinical indications.

Thus, together, the two companies intend to establish new standards for a systematic and AI-supported radiology workflow. As a result, the more efficient AI-supported workflow not only reduces the workload for physicians, reports are now also clearly understandable, diagnostic errors can be reduced, and patient safety can be increased.

Prof. Alexander Huppertz, radiologist and CEO of Neo Q, explains how this works: “Using the AI-based applications on deepcOS, the physician receives targeted image evaluations from the AI into his workflow. This information can be used to determine the presence of a stroke, for example, and – after the radiologist has verified it – is then transferred to the RadioReport document in a standardized form.” Dr. Franz Pfister, CEO of deepc, adds, ” Both quality and efficiency in clinical procedures are significantly improved by the integrated use of AI and Guided Reporting. In addition, users are able to easily access the benefits of AI including a systematic structure in reporting.” Through their intensive cooperation, both companies aim to initiate a change in the development and use of AI in medical imaging and lower the hurdles for its use in clinical practice.

The launch of the cooperation between Neo Q and deepc marks an expansion of the existing collaboration with the Essen University Hospital in the field of stroke management. In this case, AI algorithms are able to automatically check images and detect typical signs of a stroke or brain hemorrhage in less than two minutes. Subsequently, the physician generates a complete report very quickly using Guided Reporting, which contains all the information needed to initiate therapy promptly. “Time is brain: In the diagnosis and treatment of neurological emergencies, every second counts when it comes to reducing or avoiding long-term consequences for patients. I am very confident that we will be able to open a new chapter in modern radiology when using these novel methods,” says Professor Michael Forsting, Director of the Institute of Radiology and Neuroradiology at Essen University Hospital.

About Neo Q

Neo Q Quality in Imaging GmbH was founded by Prof. Alexander Huppertz, MD, Oliver Aretz and Jan Wintzer. Based in Berlin, Germany, the healthcare IT start-up offers physicians worldwide a revolutionary solution for the efficient documentation of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) findings, called Guided Reporting. For more information, visit www.radioreport.com

About deepc

The Munich-based MedTech company deepc GmbH is working on the development of medical products aiming to simplify and improve the workflow in imaging diagnostics with groundbreaking AI and software technology. Their first product, the novel AI platform ‘deepcOS’ supports and improves radiological reporting using various tested AI applications from leading international partners. It can be integrated into existing clinical systems in a simple, secure and privacy-compliant way.

More at www.deepc.ai

deepcOS is available for use in the EU. deepcOS will be registered as MDDS in the US and is currently not available for use in the US. All medical devices available on deepcOS are regulatory cleared for use in the EU under MDR / MDD. Only selected medical devices available on deepcOS are regulatory cleared for use in the US under FDA. Please contact support for further information (contact@deepc.ai).

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