5 Startups That Just Received $100M or More in Venture Capital – Acceleration Economy

Welcome to Episode 31 of the Cloud Wars Horizon Minute — featuring news and commentary hosted by Acceleration Economy analyst Tom Smith. Each episode provides insights into one or more Innovation Accelerators on the Cloud Wars Horizon. This episode touches on funding rounds for startups that have received $100 million or more in venture capital in recent weeks


00:25 — There’s no shortage of funding flowing to new or fast-growing innovators

00:50 — We’re ensuring readers are aware of fast-moving innovators in supply chain, security, machine learning (ML) and more. These are precisely the types of companies we highlight on the Innovation Path at Cloud Wars Expo. Our goal is to help organizations track start-up technology they can use to reimagine their business models.

01:10 — Coalition insures companies against data breaches and risks; it secured $250 million and is now valued at $5 billion

01:25 — Aptos Labs develops high-performance blockchain tech; it raised $150 million

01:43 — Flexe develops software for logistics, supply chains, and rapid replenishment and it raised $119 million and has a billion-dollar valuation.

02:03 — Cloud-native database developer SingleStore raised $116 million and its valuation increased to $1 billion

02:15 — Tecton makes software to facilitate use of machine learning software in an operational capacity, and it raised $100 million.

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