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Bone broth, also known as stock, is a liquid drink that is made when animal bones and connective tissue is boiled in water. Apart from being used as a drink, chefs use bone broth as a base for sauces, soups, and gravies. This is an ancient mixture that has been around since the beginning of mankind and has many health benefits.

Many people are beginning to incorporate bone broth into their everyday diets, and many reviews help people choose the best bone broth to buy. By consuming just 1 cup of both broth daily, you can improve your gut health, skin, and joint health, and stimulate weight loss to name a few. If you’d like to learn more, this blog post will highlight the 5 benefits of bone broth, so keep reading!

Gut health 

Gelatin is largely found in bone broth and once you consume it, and it reaches your digestive tract, the gelatin binds with water in your system to promote healthy movement of food in the intestines. Besides gelatin, bone broth also contains amino acids that are linked to relief from bowel disease.

Our gut is filled with bacteria, some good and some bad, and having an unhealthy gut means that there are bad bacteria in your gut which prohibits the nutrients from properly being absorbed. Poor gut health is linked to unhealthy skin, hormonal imbalance, fatigue, and other side effects, so it’s best you treat unhealthy gut health. 


Bone broth is linked to collagen which is a type of protein found in our skin, bones, and cartilage. When it is boiled, collagen inside connective tissue gets broken into gelatin which promotes amino acids such as glutamine and glycine.

When you consume a cup of bone broth daily, it increases plasma levels of these amino acids, which help form collagen. This will improve hydration of the skin, skin elasticity, and the overall appearance of wrinkles. This results in a more youthful appearance and overall healthy-looking skin. 

Joint health 

Research suggests that collagen from chicken provides effective relief for pain and stiffness in joints, specifically in patients with osteoarthritis. Gelatin, which is found in bone broth, also aids injury prevention as well as tissue repair. A study done in 2017 found that gelatin and collagen after exercise can repair tendons.

Better sleep 

Glycine contains amino acids that perform many functions in the body, including promoting healthy sleeping patterns. Research reveals that dietary glycine improves sleep quality amongst those who suffer from insomnia. It is believed that glycine regulates our internal body clocks and reduces our bodily temperature, which prepares us for sleep. More research still needs to be done on the link between bone broth and better sleep. 

Weight loss 

There is research to suggest that bone broth may be used to help people lose weight as well. Bone broth has a high protein content, which creates a feeling in the body of being fuller for longer. This supports calorie restriction, which means you’ll be eating less throughout the day.

For the best weight loss effects from bone broth, choose two consecutive days in the week and do a mini-fast during those days when you will only consume bone broth. The other 5 days of the week will be non-fasting. In addition to that, avoid eating after 7 pm for the best results. Bone broth is low carb and low calorie which is why it contributes well toward weight loss.

How to make bone broth

To make your bone broth at home, simply add water to a large pot, add animal bones and connective tissue, add salt and pepper to taste, boil and reduce to a simmer, allowing it to cook for 12-24 hours. The longer the broth is left to simmer, the more flavor it will contain. It’s best to make this in a crock pot because this will allow you to cook it overnight without having to monitor it too often.  

Bottom line

Bone broth contains many nutrients and vitamins that keep many bodies working at their best. There are many benefits associated with consuming bone broth every day. These include improved gut health, anti-aging properties, improved joint health, better sleep, and weight loss.

There are no health risks or side effects associated with the consumption of bone broth. It is highly nutritious and overall works to support many body functions. 

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