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As you grow older, your hair can work to either make or break your appearance. While thinning strands may be a normal occurrence that comes with age, if styled correctly you can effectively use your hair to reduce signs of aging and highlight your best features for a youthful and polished appearance. We spoke with Philip B, scalp expert and the founder of Philip B Hair Care to get a sense of the best anti-aging tips you could implement into your hair styling routine for looking your best at any age, effortlessly providing volume and shine to your locks.

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Layer Up

Layers are one of the best things you could add to your hair in order to provide some movement and keep your strands from hanging limply around your face, dragging down your complexion. “The right amount of layers for long hair works to introduce balance to the face, movement and volume, as well as helping to bounce or refract the light,” notes Philip B. “When hair has no layers it can look flat and dull which can instantly age you.” Adding soft, face framing layers is a great way to easily look younger while spicing up your classic, one length style. 

Add A Bang

The idea of getting bangs may seem daunting, but this style is great for hiding fine lines and wrinkles that may have begun to develop on your forehead, while also adding some dimension to your cut. “A wispy fringe, a long curtain style or a side bang can be fun fresh window dressing and add a youthful flare,” he suggests. Celebs such as Helen Mirren and Blythe Danner have both leaned into the bangs look as they have aged, effortlessly appearing fresh and vibrant while making this style their own.

Consider The Length

It’s not uncommon for women to chop off their hair as they grow older, leaning into the pixie cut as a default. However, Philip B notes that there’s no reason to rid yourself of long hair regardless of age, and styled correctly it can actually elevate your look. “Hair falling just past shoulder length works at any age,” he says. “Pick a length overall that gives the face a frame that accentuates the best features. If your neck is long, lean and youthful, show it. If not, counterbalance. If your cheekbones are high or your chin is prominent, draw attention to the best features, rather than detracting from anything less.” One length doesn’t necessarily have to work for everyone, so speak with a stylist before getting your next cut so they can suggest a style which will work best for your specific needs. 

Scalp Health Is Key

The best way to keep your hair healthy, shining, and youthful at any age is to prioritize scalp care early on. “Keeping hair vibrant, luscious, bouncing and smooth with balance and moisture is the key to unlocking youthful hair at any and every age,” says Philip B. “Strong, elastic, well-nourished hair is healthy and it shows from root to tip.” Making sure not to wash your hair too frequently, quenching your scalp with hydrating products, and taking the right vitamins are some of the best ways to preserve scalp health for better hair as you grow older. 

Don’t Skip The Trim

You’ve certainly heard it before, but maintaining regular hair trims is a great way to keep your locks healthy, bouncy, and light which will naturally help with anti-aging. “Hair tends to have more split ends and damage as we age when the sebaceous glands slow down. Keeping ends in check is key to youthful hair,” adds Philip B. Ensuring that your hair is trimmed every few months will improve its overall health, allowing you to look pulled together and polished, and generally supporting a youthful appearance.

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