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Finding a timeless and flattering hairstyle is no small feat, especially as you grow older and aim to get a cut which will mask the natural fine lines and sagging skin that the toll of the years takes. However, one undeniably timeless style which can be adjusted to fit any hair type or face shape is a layered cut with volume and movement that can inject youth into any appearance. Not sure which layered look is the best fit for your personality? Below, we rounded up the four best looks to try out depending on your desired hair length so you can discover a chic and effortless cut at any age.

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Layered Shag 

The shag haircut has come back in style in a big way, and the layers in this look allow for great movement which can instantly help to inject some youth into your appearance. “A long shag, layered haircut with bangs, a la Diane Keaton, takes years off. This haircut emphasizes her smile and covers signs of aging on the forehead and eyes,” explains hair expert Ghanima Abdullah. A look which incorporates bangs will naturally mask signs of aging, and in combination with piecey layers this is the perfect style for turning back the hands of time. 

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Middle Part with Long Layers 

Gen Z has declared the middle part the look of the year, and a long, layered style in combination with this part can turn a basic cut into one which emphasizes your youth. “Long layers like Jennifer Aniston lend itself to a nice, youthful feminine look. With a center part and side curtain bangs, they also emphasize the hair over the face,” explains Abdullah. Seeing as Jennifer Aniston is the blueprint for anti-aging, this look is perfect for women who want to appear effortlessly stunning throughout the years.

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Mid-Length Chop 

For women who are looking for a more dramatic change to their style, trying out a mid-length layered cut is going to be a flattering look that highlights your cheekbones without drawing attention to fine lines and wrinkles and hanging limply around your face. “A mid-length cut that uses layers for volume and bangs at eye level also gives a youthful look. Think Halle Berry,” notes Abdullah. Great for curly and straight haired women, this versatile look also grows out beautifully as you age.

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Layered Pixie

The most dramatic chop option, a piecey pixie cut will deliver all the drama while drawing the eye to your stunning features and hiding any wrinkles which may have developed on the forehead as you age. “Even a layered pixie will work if it has heavy bangs. Pixie cuts that pull the hair away from the face add more age to your look,” warns Abdullah. Taking notes from stars such as Charlize Theron and Scarlett Johansson, a pixie cut is undeniably one style which can work to flatter your features regardless of age. 

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