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Power Training is Anti-Aging Exercise

We rapidly lose the ability to generate athletic power as we age. Studies show that power begins to diminish after age 40, and those who manage to retain their ability to express power tend to live longer. So, power training is legitimately an anti-aging exercise.

Power has the shortest retention period. You lose power before you lose strength. So power is a “use it you lose it” quality. Luckily, you can build power qualities back up and easily maintain them.

Even if you’re not an athlete, the benefits are huge. A more powerful body means a higher quality of life in the future. You’ll be able to play with your kids (and grandkids) and have the ability to burst into action if uncertain times call for it. Power training will prevent injury and allow you to do the things you love for a long time. It’ll also lead to a stronger, more aesthetic physique. Power training improves your “go” and your “show.”

Training specifically for power is different than the standard 3 sets of 10 rep scheme. It targets different muscle fiber types and muscle functions. If you’re familiar with power exercises but just need some ideas on what to do, watch the video. If you’re new to power training, don’t skip this next section.

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