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A Holistic Approach From Belmont Village and Live Healthy by Baptist Health

Don’t we all wish to know the secret to aging well? While there may not be a single secret to a long-lived, healthy life there are a few lifestyle elements we should all keep in mind. At Belmont Village Coral Gables, opening in 2023, residents will find everything they need for maintaining a healthy lifestyle right at their fingertips—including wellness and healthcare services in a spa-like setting at Live Healthy by Baptist Health located on the ground floor of the community.

Backed by nearly 25 years of experience and research, Belmont Village recently shared three tips for aging well in mind, body and soul.

3 Essentials for Aging Well

Brains, like bodies, need a daily workout. Good brain health helps build neuro-connections and cognitive reserve to draw on as we age. You can build cognitive reserve by learning something new or doing something that’s a mental stretch each day. For example, read an article and discuss it, do a crossword puzzle, or explore an interest you’ve always wanted to.

Using the mind and body together has even more benefit–dancing is perfect, as are sports and activities with strategies or complex moves. Belmont Village residents enjoy a variety of group fitness classes and a vibrant daily activity calendar, offering the opportunity to stretch the mind each day.

In our later years, maintaining preventative care and medical needs becomes even more imperative to aging well. However, as we age, it can become difficult to maintain our own care plans. Seek the help of a family member to organize doctor’s appointments and medication or consider a Senior Living community with on-site care staff.

Belmont Village Coral Gables residents will enjoy the benefits of an innovative new approach to well-being for seniors through an on-site partnership with Baptist Health South Florida. Live Healthy by Baptist Health will offer a holistic approach to healthy living through fitness, nutrition and disease prevention, and offering services like same-day telehealth appointments, an on-site Care Team, fast-track diagnostic services, access to mental health services and a diabetes program.

Maintaining a sense of purpose helps nourish the soul at every age. Feeling that your life has meaning and that you are in control of it fosters positive attitudes and emotions and a healthier brain. Stay involved in faith organizations or volunteer groups to boost your sense of purpose. Staying social can also help—seek out community with your friends and family or group activities.

To learn more about Belmont Village Coral Gables’ Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care or join the waitlist, visit belmontvillage.com/coralgables or call 305-964-8064.

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