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Data science boot camps have become increasingly popular. When you hear “data science,” do you think of spreadsheets and huge numbers? Data science enables us to make sense of all the data we’re accumulating and transform it into action. The area is in high demand. Companies nowadays need data analysis abilities to develop their business more than ever. Because of this, data science boot camps are on the rise to meet the demand and educate several thousand data scientists every year.

Data scientists are responsible for interpreting and analyzing massive data sets to assist businesses in making decisions. Data engineers and data architects spend more time dealing with code, databases, and complex queries. In contrast, data analysts and data scientists are typically more focused on analyzing, collecting, and interpreting large quantities of information to help business decision-making.

How much does a Data Scientist make?

They have a high salary potential, with Glassdoor reporting an average yearly income of $121,676.

3 Best Data Science Boot Camps
3 best data science boot camps

So why should you choose boot camps over fellowships? Wait, what are data science fellowships, and what is the difference between them?

Data science boot camps vs data science fellowships

There are significant distinctions between data science boot camps and data science fellowships. Data science boot camps are designed for students with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics or statistics who have a programming talent (no Ph.D. required, but it helps to know a programming language like R or Python). Many schools, such as NYC Data Science Academy, prefer candidates to have a master’s or doctorate in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM). Still, they will also consider those with a bachelor’s degree. Schools like Science 2 Data Science demand students hold a Ph.D. or master’s. Data science boot camps are intensive 3- to 6-month programs that train graduates for entry-level and junior data scientist positions.

3 Best Data Science Boot Camps
3 best data science boot camps

Data Science fellowships are free to the student (profits are made through hiring partnerships), whereas Data Science boot camps are not (revenue is generated by hiring partnerships). Data Science fellowships usually demand more expertise than boot camp programs. For example, the Data Incubator requires applicants to have a master’s or Ph.D. in social science or engineering with relevant professional experience. Academic data scientists who participate in Data Science fellowships are taught skills that will help them transition into a corporate or entrepreneurial career. According to a white paper by Insight Data Science, fellowships are an excellent pathway between academics and employment. The program allows data experts to acquire the technical abilities required for professional success in the expanding sector.

If you’ve got a degree in a related field and are interested in becoming a data scientist, which data science boot camp is best for you?

3 best data science boot camps

Here are the top 3 data science boot camps that will assist you in launching a data science career, and some of them are online.


Prepare for a job as a Data Scientist. BrainStation’s full-time Data Science Bootcamp is an intensive, project-based learning program that will help you develop your skillset and launch a new career in data. The curriculum is rigorous, comprehensive, and up to date, ensuring that you stay on top of the most in-demand data science skills, tactics, and tools. You will build a unique portfolio of completed projects by learning from experts with expertise in the industry. The ‘Career Success Team’ at BrainStation will assist you in refining your portfolio, getting in touch with industry professionals, and preparing for the job search and interview process. Celebrate everything you have learned and achieved throughout the Demo Day event when you will show off your last project to BrainStation’s hiring partners and alumni.

  • Start date: Rolling Start Date
  • Cost: $15,000
  • Class size: N/A
  • Location: Toronto, Vancouver, Online

You can apply here.

NYC Data Science Academy

The Online Data Science Bootcamp curriculum is built for students who wish to take online courses. Their program covers all of the data science talents necessary in today’s workforce, including R, Python, Machine Learning Theory, Big Data, and Deep Learning. You can set your schedule, and NYC-DSA offers lifetime mentoring.

  • Start date: None scheduled
  • Cost: $17,600
  • Class size: 25
  • Location: Online

You can apply it with this link.

Flatiron School

The Data Science program helps students acquire the skills, expertise, and experience necessary to work as a data scientist, which entails combining software engineering, statistical knowledge, and the capacity to apply both in new and unanticipated settings. The goal of the curriculum is to teach students how to collect data, apply statistical analysis to answer queries utilizing that data, and make their insights and information as actionable as possible. Their method assures job readiness in today’s market and the ability and talents to continue learning and remaining relevant. Students learn at Flatiron School by creating things. Students will leave with a vital Portfolio Project that demonstrates their technological mastery and creativity to current or future employment managers and hiring leads.

  • Start date:  Rolling Start Date
  • Cost: $16,900
  • Class size: N/A
  • Location: Denver, New York City, Online

You can apply it here.

You don’t have to be concerned if you’re not ready for data boot camps. You may keep up with the newest developments, what you need to know, and more by reading our Data Science 101 topic.

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